Coffee with The Couple Cure

Coffee with The Couple Cure

Latest Episodes

1.14S Can You Phrase it Differently? (Communication Tool)
March 26, 2019

This episode covers a technique that can help you avoid arguments...  and where we've needed it in the past.

1.13 My Apology to Jay (When My Husband Dies, Pt2)
March 20, 2019

In this episode, Lori apologizes to Jay for something she did during their healing years.

1.12 Special Days (Thoughtfulness and Reading Minds)
March 19, 2019

This time we discuss handling those "Special" days in the relationship.  Maybe you have a birthday or anniversary coming up and you're feeling some anxiety about it... listen in.

1.11S Can You Trust Us? (Qualifications)
March 13, 2019

Some may wonder, "Why should I trust you?"  Here's an audio account of our history with helping marriages.

1.10S Our Dark Story (with Some New Info)
March 11, 2019

This episode covers the part of our story we've told before numerous audiences.  There's a few pieces of new information.  Even still, if you've heard it  too many times before, feel free to skip.

1.09 Disappointments (Supporting Each Other)
March 06, 2019

This episode was recorded late last year after 15 months of one loss after another.  (On a lighter note, it also covers how we're not 'cooking the books.')

E008 Honeymooning Alone (Huh?)
March 05, 2019

This episode discusses a new trend... one that we just don't understand.

E007(S) How We Got Married (the Miracles)
March 02, 2019

This episode covers the signs that helped us know we were supposed to get married... and how your own story can help you.

E006(S)-How to Make Effective Agreements (Demanding-ness)
March 01, 2019

This episode gives tips on how to make agreements so that

E005(S)-The Story Ruiner (Leading a Hidden Life)
February 23, 2019

Here's a fun take on how details are treated in the relationship... and we also cover how this changes after betrayal.