The Tactical Kitchen Show

The Tactical Kitchen Show

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#96 Carnivore, Dairy and Dawn Phenomenon
October 19, 2020

We are back to posting episodes each Monday! This has been such a strange time in the world and we need some consistency. We are hitting a few topics that continually come up within conversations with clients today. Can I have dairy?

#95 We’re Back on High Fat Keto
October 08, 2020

It's been a while! How are you guys? We appreciate all the inquiries about the podcast during our hiatus. It has been a strange year for us all. Let's just talk about how much fat we are eating! That's much more fun.

#94 Keto Kids and Questions
June 01, 2020

This is a little personal for us today. We are talking about our grandsons going on a Keto Diet. We also answer a couple of questions brought up by our last episode about Keto Basics. Thanks for tuning in and hanging with us!

#93 Keto Basics
May 18, 2020

Ya Basic! Sometimes we just need a little refresher. Today we are sharing how we initiate some easy steps for a Keto Newbie. We learned the hard way about throwing too much information at someone at once. Let's keep things simple!

#92 Recovery and What Protein to Fat Ratio is Correct?
May 11, 2020

Today we have two topics that go together quite nicely. When is it time to take a recovery week or rest days? How do you structure a recovery week?What are the benefits of rest and recovery?How much protein and fat should I be eating?

#91 Eating for Health vs Eating for Weight Loss
May 04, 2020

Weight Loss is one of the top concerns my clients put down on their intake paperwork. But when I look at the paperwork I typically find a myriad of health issues. Some are actually very serious. But weight loss is the number one concern.

#90 Maybe it’s the Menopause
April 20, 2020

Hey guys! We are all still living that quarantine life. We hope today's podcast finds you healthy and happy! Today Steve and I are chatting about getting back to one of the key basic Keto Principles. When you've been doing something for a while the...

#89 Should You Be Fasting So Much?
April 06, 2020

Don't get me wrong. Fasting is a beneficial tool in the war on Metabolic Disease and other health related issues. But it isn't always prudent for everyone to do it consistently for long periods of time.

#88 Metabolic Flexibility During Coronavirus Quarantine
March 30, 2020

This has been a surreal few weeks guys! Today Steve and I wanted to just show up and chat with you about some of our experiences during this Covid19 quarantine. Much of the world's population have been instructed to stay in their homes and most non ...

#87 Social Distancing and Creating a Plan to Stay Sane!
March 16, 2020

We are sharing some of our ideas, thoughts and plans for this period of time that we are all being asked to practice Social Distancing. I know some of you have been doing this for years! But in all seriousness there are some key things to discuss about...