The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

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The State of the Hobby Roundtable
September 16, 2020

The Gearheads sat down at the 71st GNRS to discuss the state of the hobby with regard to competing for the biggest awards from multiple perspectives.

It's a Supercharged Brunchtime
September 11, 2020

The Gearheads sit down with Dave Engle to discuss the upcoming episode five of Stories N' Steel and the supercharged brunch that inspired it.

Hot Rod Ambassadors: Jason and Mike
February 21, 2020

Jason Rushforth and Mike Keller join the Gearheads in The Round Six Experience at the 2020 GNRS to discuss their Riyadh Auto Salon experience.

A Supercharged Episode from GNRS
February 06, 2020

The Gearheads sit down with Erin and Dustin Helm of Magnuson at the 2020 GNRS and talk careers in the aftermarket, surprises and supercharged life.

Jason Rushforth: What's in a Name?
December 08, 2019

Jason Rushforth joins the Gearheads on episode 72, and the gang talks design, starting a career, Porsche 928's, BMX bikes and the Riyadh Auto Salon.

Stories N' Steel: New Series Debuts
November 27, 2019

Stories N' Steel, our new series on Amazon Prime Video drops this Black Friday, and the gang sits down to discuss the show and how it all ties together.

Kevin Whipps: We're going to Pavillions!
August 23, 2019

Kevin Whipps sits down with Brian while at Squarebody Syndicate world headquarters to talk writing, careers, trends, history and the AZ scene.

M2 Machines: Passion and Detail with Extra Cool
August 09, 2019

The Gearheads welcome Sean Taylor, Vice President of Product Development at M2 Machines to talk passion, building a brand and cool cars, too!

On the Wings of an Alex
July 26, 2019

Sixty-eight episodes and we've hardly introduced ourselves. That's why this one is all about Alex. If you like Camaros and Aersospace and menopause, well...