The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

Jason Rushforth: What's in a Name?

December 08, 2019


The Gearheads sit down with designer and artist Jason Rushforth... finally. One of the marquee names in the industry when it comes to design, boutique wheel brands and just an all-around nice guy, it's a twisting and turning bunch of topics.

Episode seventy-two gets right into it with a discussion about the recent Riyadh Auto Salon in Saudi Arabia. Jason was fortunate to be one of the hot rod industry ambassadors who attended the event, and we talk logistics, the local scene and more. From humble beginnings as a BMX-obsessed kid to providing design guidance to some serious players in the business, Jason Rushforth is an inspiring, forward-thinking trendsetter whose designs are instantly recognizable anywhere.


  • The Saudi Arabia experience
    – Six months from genesis to event
    – A year's worth of work in months
    – OSHA violations on parade
    – The logistics of importing 450 cars from around the world

  • Brian offers a car club name
  • A discussion of Middle Eastern daily life and traffic
    – Alex shares his memories
    – Honking out of courtesy VS anger
  • The Saudi hot rod scene
    – LS-swapped GM B-bodies!
    – Not just a bunch of rich guys with exotic cars
  • The difference between social media posturing and having to make a name prior to it
  • Getting that first magazine feature
  • Building a career
    – Having builders/magazines mention a designer's name in an article
  • A discussion on design
  • Humility and making a name
  • Jason's Buick
  • The Porsche 928
    – Brad prefers his Porsche Pro-Streeted
  • Coming up in the shadow of the greats like Steve Stanford
  • Once again, it all starts with BMX bikes
    – Getting back into it later in life
    –Soaring prices of vintage BMX bikes
  • Best/Worst conception story of all time