The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

Topless in Pomona: A Radio Play

December 19, 2021


The Gearheads got together one day a threw down a radio play.


It just made sense in the "we like to do what no one else can" kinda way. And it was fun, really.

The whole thing began when Brian just wouldn't shut up about his love for the old radio shows... the adventure stories, the comedies, even the dramas. That was the golden age of entertainment; the stuff right before the motion pictures and television shows took over. The sort of entertainment that relied on your imagination. Theater of the mind, as it were. Just like reading a book... Or, more in keeping with recent times, like listening to an audio book.

That said... Welcome to the first in a new series.


The story is pretty straight-forward. The characters are kept to a minimum, and the whole thing was penned in one sitting. Brian slapped the thing together, and then he and Steve plugged in a few jokes, tweaked a few lines, and Brad, Brian and Steve banged it out. Steve has an amazing array of voices and characters to draw upon, and Brian lives to over-act... So the whole thing was destined to fall together like a whipped cream pie meeting a clown's face.

It always pays to write about what you know, and to write comedy about that which you love. Or may not love so much. In fact, you can glean some great content by simply going balls-out after the things that annoy you. And this sketch, well, really hits on something that annoys the gang.


...and a joke, really. You just need to know where to look for the punchline. Bear in mind that this is one part love letter to the hobby, and one part a tongue-firmly-in-cheek absurdist comedy. It's not a personal attack on anyone, nor is it some thinly-veiled anything. It's just a wacky adventure that never really starts on any rails.

We hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The Credits:

Created by: Brian Stupski

Written by: Brian Stupski

Edited by: Brian Stupski and Steve Hayes

Directed by: Brian Stupski

Produced by: Brad King, Brian Stupski and Steve Hayes

Engineer: Brad King

Sound Effects by: Brad King

Final Mix by: Brad King

Narrated by: Brad King

The Hunter: Brian Stupski

Internal Monologue: Steve Hayes

Internal Monologue Twice-Removed: Brian Stupski

Strip Club Bouncer: Steve Hayes

Strip Club PA Announcements: Brad King, Brian Stupski, Steve Hayes

Strippers: Brad King, Steve Hayes

Lowrider Vision Quest Shaman: Steve Hayes

Appalachian Extra: Brian Stupski

The Ghost of Borge Garrish: Steve Hayes

Don J'Septembertino: Steve Hayes

TraditionalGateKeeper32: Steve Hayes

HAMB Mook:Brad King