The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

Stories N' Steel: New Series Debuts

November 27, 2019


Our all-new series, Stories N' Steel drops this Black Friday (November 28, 2019) on Amazon Prime Video. The Gearheads sit down to discuss the show, what it's about, where to view it, and most importantly how it all ties together with the podcast. Stories N' Steel is a car show about people. That means no fake drama, no made-up deadlines or other nonsense... Just the stories from the hot rod builders, collectors and craftsmen who lived them.

Stories N' Steel is like the podcast; it's one part conversation, one part storytelling, and all parts laid-back benchrace session. If you've ever wanted to get to know the whole story of some of the nation's top builders, then you're going to love what Stories N' Steel brings each week. Hosted by our own Brad King, episode one takes you deep into the history of Squeeg's Kustoms with Doug Jerger. If you've ever wanted to know what it takes to run one of the top hot rod shops in the country, or what it's like to win the AMBR on accident, or even how to pinstripe all no-hands like, well, you'll like where this is all going.


  • The genesis of the show

  • How the podcast came to be
  • Tying the podcast and TV series together
  • Why we chose Amazon Prime Video
  • Self-producing a TV series
  • Television creation on a self-funded shoestring
  • A peek behind the scenes
  • Partnering with Auto Revolution
  • What it takes to make this mess work
  • Brad gets a new nickname