The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

It's a Supercharged Brunchtime

September 11, 2020


The Gearheads sit down with long-time friend David Engle of Engle Brothers Fabrication to talk brunchtime. Namely a brunch that didn't happen, really.

Without giving too much away (you'll have to tune in on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, April 3, 2020 and watch the new episode of Stories N' Steel), it involved a secret overhaul of Brian's Challenger. Calling in friends from all over, some of whom made the cross-country trek to be a part (like Tim Strange), the gang pulled a supercharged surprise. From Hotchkis Sport Suspension to a Magnuson supercharger, Baer six-piston brakes, Toyo tires, a carbon fiber Speedkore spoiler and custom badges from Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles, it was an ambitious one-day project to say the least. It even got its own t-shirt, featuring artwork by Round Six's Del Swanson. You can grab your very own RIGHT HERE.

You can get inside of Brian's head (don't say that we didn't warn you) by reading his take on the day HERE.


  • The backstory

  • What it takes to arrange a build like this... and keep it secret
  • Keeping an industry secret from an industry insider
  • The logistics
  • Personal loss
    – A death in the family
  • Getting the car to Dino's without Brian knowing, but having him drive it there
  • Turning Brian's son into a gearhead
  • The amazing group of friends that we have
  • Learning all about Challengers
  • Industry icons working and having fun
  • Bringing back passion lost
  • The Phoenix Valley One-n-Done tradition
  • A loss for words
  • The clandestine SEMA meetings
  • Supercharged, lowered and more in one day
  • The fear of not finishing
  • Inside jokes become fuel for ideas
  • The meaning of hot rodding isn't just cars