The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

A Supercharged Episode from GNRS

February 06, 2020


The Gearheads sit down with Erin and Dustin Helm of Magnuson Superchargers for a, well, supercharged discussion. Talk goes deep into careers in the aftermarket, the value of networking and a covert-ops mission worthy of a television show. Episode seventy-three dives headlong into some fun topics, as well as laying the groundwork for anyone looking to get a foot in the door of the High-Performance Automotive Aftermarket Parts industry.

Of course, Erin and the team at Magnuson Superchargers were tremendously instrumental in making Project Emanon come together, for which "thanks" just doesn't seem enough. We touch on that project, the covert ops behind it, and how it all came to be. Dustin gives some background to his career as a fabricator, and explains his path to working with one of the premier brands in the industry... And how it all began with Marine Biology. We have fascinating guests, and they always bring a great story!

And if this weren't enough for you, we dive deep into the mechanics of a couple who work together, and how that all adds to the relationship. We're a lot more like Oprah than Dr. Phil in this one. It's a value-added episode in terms of pursuing a career in the industry, and we cannot thank Erin and Dustin enough for their insight, candor and great advice for our listeners hoping to pursue their aspirations.


  • The blown elephant in the room

  • Brian becomes the mark
  • Brad does a big thing
  • Dave Engle is always the connection
  • The power of networking (and shooting for the moon)
  • The computer unlock/Petty's Garage connection
  • When your kid goes rogue
  • Alex's first supercharger imstall
  • The drama-free build day
  • Things go Predatorial
  • The Engles stop by!
  • A reunion of sorts
  • Supercharger talk/welcome to the boosted life
  • A foot in the door in the industry
    – Working your way up
    – Getting a job via networking
  • From Nanny to Sales Assistant
    – The value of adaptability when transitioning positions within the company
  • A day in the life of a Marketing Coordinator
  • R&D Fabricator via Marine Biology
    – From Wyo-Tech to Magnuson
    – The importance of an education
    – The crossovers in job duties
    – Tech school as a stepping stone to a career
  • SCUBA diving when you can't swim
  • "Superchargers? I want turbos!"
  • Married life meets Working life
    – A balance of career and passionsa
    – The work/life crossover
  • The learning curve in the aftermarket industry