The Round Six Podcast

The Round Six Podcast

Kevin Whipps: We're going to Pavillions!

August 23, 2019

Brian heads out all solo-like to Squarebody Syndicate World Headquarters and takes a break from another One 'n Done on Joe Yezzi's diesel crew cab to sit and talk with Kevin Whipps. We dive deep into the philosophy of the Arizona community and family, and what makes it unique, and then into the builds that made for a career. It's a laid-back ride through the importance of the people over the vehicles every time. We talk mini trucks, the growth and heyday of the Euro tuner scene in the 1990's and beyond, to the influence of Courtney Hallowell on his and future generations and more.


  • Writing books on air suspension and C-10 restoration

  • The longevity of a Rochester carburetor rebuild guide book
  • Brian pitches more book ideas
  • Kevin's other book concepts
  • A discussion on the death of the patina trend – Another coffee table book
  • Dino pops in
  • Early influences
  • How enjoying the process of a build inspires a career path
  • The Daihatsu Charade
  • The Toyota pickup
  • The Civic! – Covers of Import Racer and Lowrider Euro
  • Rolling a car right after the photoshoot
  • On getting started writing for magazines
  • "You need to shoot his house"
  • The Dino thing – The Git-Down
  • When the magazines took a break from paying people
  • The C-10 Restoration book
  • The Euro tuner scene in its heyday
  • When mini trucks ruled the world
  • The '72 E-Type Jag that started it all
  • Growth as a person by becoming involved in the scene
  • The Severed Ties years
  • The sheen of nostalgia
    – "Look at how great my past was"
  • Real nostalgia: "You love it when you're not doing it"
  • Rolling the Civic
  • Tri-Fives as a generational thing
  • The Old Body Style movement
  • The slow death of the patina trend
    – The good, the bad and the delightfully messed-up
    – "It looks like Hell parked in someone's garage"
  • The Engles find a way into another episode
  • LS engine talk, 4.8 VS 5.3 VS 6.0L
  • Stripping a six year build in six hours
  • Perspective
  • Courtney Hallowell and a bigger-than-life influence
  • Brian pitches the National Mini Truck Museum