Professional Podcast Hosting

For podcast networks and advanced podcasters - Ad Insertion, Advanced Statistics

Take your show to the professional level

Pro Hosting is for advanced podcasters who…

  • Have or are building a podcast network.
  • Enjoy using AI to plan, produce and promote their shows.
  • Monetize their shows.
  • Use large amounts of storage and bandwidth.
  • Need advanced network tools.
  • Seek powerful ad insertion features.
  • Need private podcasting.
  • Want to automatically convert their videos to a podcast.
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Professional Hosting starting at

$100 /Mo

  • Unlimited storage
  • Advanced Stats
  • Tech Support
  • 1TB Monthly bandwidth
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Network Showcasing Tool
  • $10 per additional show

A dedicated plan for those who have multiple shows, require additional storage (including video), want to convert their video channels to podcasts through Vid2Pod, or are building a network. All the tools you need to monetize and showcase your shows while monitoring audience growth.

Features & Pricing

Plan Features/PricingQuantityPrice
Plan Features
Plan Package Price-$100
Show Included1
Advanced Statistics-
Bandwidth Included Monthly1TB monthly
Unlimited Storage-
Dynamic Advertising InsertionSimple
Programmatic Advertising
Optional Advanced WordPress Website-
Podcast Network Tool-
Scalable for any network size-
Multiple shows in one account-
Audio and/or video podcasts-
Automatic payments-
PowerPress Multi-Program Mode-
Listener Demographic Survey System-
Podcast Media Kit-

Add-on Features/Pricing

Additional ShowPer Show$10
Additional Monthly BandwidthPer GB1 cent
Outside Shows (Podcast Network Tool)0-10$50
Full Dynamic Ad Insertion-$49
Full Dynamic Ad Insertion File RebuildsPer Rebuild10 cents
Blubrry Pro-Production-Contact

All Podcast Hosting Plans Include

Standard Podcast Statistics

Gain audience consumption and geographical data from the most powerful podcast statistics service available:

  • Download/play totals
  • Audience play retention
  • App and platform reporting geographic data
  • Show / Episode Trending data
  • Daily metrics

Run Blubrry listener Demographic Surveys for each show and see your audience demographics within your podcast statistics. Combine that with a free podcast media kit that updates daily for advertisers or those interested in your show.

Free WordPress Site

Every hosting plan includes a free, optional, managed WordPress website. Designed to provide essential tools to podcast and a stress-free site management experience.

Uses our PowerPress plugin to easily publish on your site and to all destinations.

Free Advanced WordPress Site is also available.

Best Podcast Hosting Platform

Available via Amazon Web Services

If your team is already integrated into the AWS Marketplace platform, click here to get started. The same pro hosting service; available exclusively via the cloud. Learn more here and here.

  • Fully functional REST API integrates to our service offerings
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Essential hosting for organizations, teams, networks and individuals taking their podcast to the next level.

Dynamic Ad Insertion or Programmatic Advertising

Dynamic Ad Insertion – An affordable yet powerful self-managed system. Managing your advertising / promotional campaigns has never been easier.

Satisfy your advertisers with accurate ad placement and statistics:

  • Easily schedule spots across multiple shows and episodes.
  • Run multiple advertiser campaigns simultaneously.
  • Gain consistent delivery as all listeners hear the same advertisement.
  • Manage ad placement priority, start and end dates whenever you’d like.
    • Pre-roll: played before the intro of your episode.
    • Mid-roll: Inserted somewhere in between the beginning and end of your episode
    • Post-roll: Played after your closing

Programmatic Advertising  – Automatic programmatic advertising is available for all shows in your pro hosting plans. Earn passive income, with no download or audience requirements to participate. A simple advertising opportunity with unlimited results.

  • Pre- and post-roll advertisements
  • 30-second ads
  • $5-15 CPMs
Contact for Ad Insertion Demo

Simple Ad Insertion

Pre-roll only

  • Includes all published episodes and all future episodes.
  • Campaign is scheduled to start and stop whenever you’d like.
  • Limited to one campaign at a time.

Full Ad Insertion

Pre-Mid-Post roll

  • Full capabilities for $49 a month unlimited shows
  • 10¢ fee for each episode you insert with ads
  • Multiple Ad spots per episode

Dynamic Ad Insertion is available for all shows in your professional account.

Build a Podcast Network

All Blubrry Pro Hosting customers get access to our Podcast Network Tool for FREE! Create a new podcast network right from your WordPress site. The Network feature is part of our WordPress podcasting plugin, PowerPress.

  • Add and remove any show
  • Unlimited category lists
  • Automatic show-page creation
  • Works with numerous themes and plugins
  • Automatically updates show-page listings

A Place to Showcase Each Show

Where do audiences go to enjoy all the shows your network has to offer? Make your site stand out from the rest with our robust podcast network tool and your endless imagination. Enable the Network feature on your WordPress site or the free WordPress sites from Blubrry.

How to Build your Network

It’s your network, and you have the ability to add or delete any show you want, even shows outside your Blubrry Pro Hosting account. Either reach out to podcasters on your own, or they can apply on your website.  When you invite a podcaster to have their show included in your network, applications are received in the network admin page. After your review, you can accept or reject the application, and easily add the show to your network lineup.

Add Any Podcast to Your Network

  • Inside shows – any show part of your Pro Hosting plan
  • Outside shows – shows hosted with any hosting company (not under your Blubrry account)

Pricing found in the table above.

Contact for Network Demo

For Example

Take a look at an example of a network with a variety of podcast topics. Simple and easy to navigate. Choose any template you desire. Configure the site as you wish, and we power the network pages with shortcodes. To see the full power of the Network feature, please contact us to arrange a demo.


Get started with your podcast network site now and learn more.

Manage your network right from your own WordPress website, no need to log into Blubrry.

More Services for You

Thrive Bundle

With Blubrry’s inexpensive Thrive Bundle add-on, watch your show flourish with your own Podcast AI Assistant (Blubrry PAI), pre-roll ad insertion, expanded episode listener comparison, first-ever listener and subscriber data, additional Quicklinks features, and Podcast 2.0 features.

Lock and key symbolPrivate Podcasting

A private podcast solution for announcements, training, speakers, interviews, educators, and exclusive or bonus content. Blubrry provides various security layers to ensure your media is protected. Implementing your desired security level is easy on your end.

Concierge logoConcierge Onboarding

With Concierge, you provide us with the details for your new show, and we will set up your website! This includes help in getting your podcast distributed to Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  Our concierge team will walk you through everything so that you can hit the ground running.

Podcast Support

podcasting email support


Our customer support contact form is monitored during business hours seven days a week!

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If a problem calls for it, we’ll schedule a video conference.

blubrry phone support


Schedule a call with a member of our support team. We’re always ready to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have multiple log-ins for my team members?

Yes, all pro accounts are able to utilize unlimited users within the account. You can add, delete and manage all associated users (Hosting only, Stats only, Hosting and Stats), within the dashboard found under Show and Sharing.

Am I able to transfer my current shows or network from? What are costs?

Yes, you can migrate any show for free.

What about help setting up or if I run into any issues?

Our tech support is available to assist in getting you set up or moved and/or if you have any issues down the line. Phone, email or even schedule a video call.

Is there a limit on how many shows I can have in one account?

No, each show is an additional $10 a month, but you’re able to have as many as you’d like.

Can I include a video podcast?

Blubrry Podcasting has supported video podcasting from the beginning. Podcasters are now more than ever adding video to engage audiences. Blubrry players fully support video podcasting.

Can I host multiple shows as a podcast consultant?

Podcast consultants, production agencies all use Blubrry to provide a complete solution for their clients. Everything from a basic website for a new podcaster or integrating with a business. You can even build your own network of shows and showcase shows for which you provide services.

How do I create a Pro Hosting account with Blubrry?

  1. Go to Blubrry.com
  2. Click Podcast Hosting 
  3. Scroll down to the Pro Hosting section and click GET MORE INFORMATION 
    • If you have a blubrry account already, Skip to step 14
  5. Click SIGN UP NOW 
  6.  Input Email, Username and Password Information
  7. Click Create Account
  8. Confirm your Email address in a new tab (check your spam if you cannot find the email)
  9. Click the like in your email > this will bring you to your new podcasting dashboard
  10. Click your profile icon in the left hand corner
  11. Click Manage Account
  12. Click LEARN MORE under the Professional Hosting information on left
  14. Input Payment Information 
  15. Click PAY NOW