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The Creepin' It Real Show: Horror, Parano...

Paranormal | Comedy | Horror | Supernatural | Lore | Stranger Things | Black Mirror | True Crime | Legends | Haunted | Conspiracies | UFO | ...

Fatal Crime Confessions

True Crime Podcast

Catch my Killer

At any given time in the world, there are thousands of unsolved murders. Most of them will never be solved. The first 48 hours of a homicid...

Criminal Discourse Podcast

True crime podcast brought to you by Trish & Maddie. Each week we deep dive into fascinating cases giving you a criminally good discourse.



The Murder Diaries

Two girls living in a murdery world bringing you two true crime stories every week. Uploads every Tuesday!

True Crime From Eh to Zed

Two went on a mission to find the Canadian cases that are lesser known. The victims and survivors deserve to have their stories told. Suppor...

Women Who Kill with Kai Choyce

Each week comedian Kai Choyce has a new guest ove…

Crime Theories Podcast

Crime stories mainly cold cases and the theories that come with them. The original and the complete crazy theories.

Serial Killers Cafe

Two best friends chatting over coffee and their love of serial killers!

A Shot of Crime

Your new favorite True Crime, Comedy podcast! We …


Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation where you feared for your life, when you didn't know whether you’d make it out of th...

Intermountain PI Podcast

Utah Private Investigator Scott Fulmer

State by State: an eerie podcast

Each week Jen and Ali will tell you a true crime story and a paranormal story from 1 of the states.

Handcuffs and Sage Podcast

Handcuffs and Sage is a podcast written, edited, researched and hosted by us: Red and T-Mo, with a lot of help from our one and only, super ...

Scene Of the Crime

Scene of the Crime

Lady Justice True Crime

Lady Justice is a weekly true crime podcast that takes a look at fascinating cases both past and present.

True Consequences

A true crime and mystery podcast with stories based in New Mexico and the American desert Southwest.

True Crime Finland

Crime stories from the cold north

Have You Seen This Man?

Join the real-time nationwide manhunt for escaped Ohio death row inmate Lester Eubanks. While out on bail for attempted rape in 1965, Eubank...