True Lovefraud Stories

True Lovefraud Stories

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Dr. Liane Leedom explains extreme relationship stress
December 01, 2023

Dr. Liane Leedom at a Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy conference. Why does the silent treatment hurt so much? Why does the end of a relationship feel like withdrawal? What is cognit

I learned that I wasn’t crazy and toxic
November 24, 2023

The romantic relationship Jessica had with Luke left her feeling confused and abused. As a result, she turned to substances and experienced suicidal ideation. Then Jessica spoke with Susanna, wh

Love and losing my mind, Part 3: Truth and recovery
November 10, 2023

All her life, Susannas greatest interests were psychological thrillers and cults. When she got away from her relationship, she realized that with Luke, shed been living in one. Susanna wondered if

Love and losing my mind, Part 2: Manipulation
November 03, 2023

Susanna realized that her boyfriend, Luke, had two distinct sides to his personality one side would never hurt her, and the other could. When things were good, she enjoyed the happiest moments o

Love and losing my mind, Part 1: The Seduction
October 30, 2023

For months, Susanna thought of Luke as only a friend. But when she was in need, he rescued her and from then on, he was more than a friend. Their excursions were full of fun and laughter but t

Vjolca Capri, LMHC: Let the village help you marry
October 20, 2023

Your culture can still support you, even if youve left your country. Vjolca Capri, LMHC, QS, NBCC, draws on her Islamic faith and traditions as she works with clients. Expats may miss their homes and

Fast and Deceptive — a Marriage Scam
October 06, 2023

Con artists will take advantage anything, including faith, tradition and culture, in order to exploit their targets. Mariam, unfortunately, learned this the hard way. She met a prospective suitor on

Mandy Friedman, LPCC: Understanding depression
September 22, 2023

What is depression? Mandy Friedman, LPCC-S, CCDVC, CCTP, is a counselor who specializes in treating victims of abuse, many of whom feel depressed. She explains that depression is a neurobiological and

Revenge agains the lying cheater (Part 2)
September 15, 2023

In the conclusion to this story, Melissa finally learned that her boyfriend of seven years, Kevin, was a lying cheater throughout their relationship. As a result, she fell into severe clinical dep

Revenge against the lying cheater (Part 1)
September 08, 2023

Melissa and Kevin dated for seven years. They bought a house together, and Melissa worked hard to turn it into a cozy home. But even though Kevin proclaimed his love and shopped for engagement rin