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Ep.  61 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Ice Cold Killers: Hunting Humans”
January 24, 2021

Christopher and Eric take a twisted walk across the frozen trails of the Alaskan backwoods as they follow the crimes of real life serial killer Robert Hansen, who hunted women for sport. In the latest installment of Christopher & Eric's True Crime TV C...

Ep. 60 – The Murder of William Newton Part II: Billy’s Last Weekend
January 17, 2021

In Episode 48, Christopher and Eric marked the grim anniversary of their very own "hometown murder", the gruesome slaying of William Arnold Newton, a young gay West Hollywood man and adult film actor. Thirty years later, the crime remains unsolved.

Ep.  59 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “A Crime To Remember: 38 Witnesses” and “People Magazine Investigates: Without A Trace”
January 10, 2021

In this emotional edition of Christopher and Eric's True Crime TV Club, your hosts serve up the first true crime stories that disturbed them when they were young. For Eric, it's the murder of Kitty Genovese,

Ep.  58 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Homicide For The Holidays: Bloody New Year’s”
January 03, 2021

What is it with the holidays and gruesome spree killers? Christopher and Eric return to the true crime series HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS and serve up Season 2, Episode 8, "Bloody New Year's". When beloved Cindy Luu is murdered in front of her children o...

Ep. 57 – The Best Of The Worst
December 27, 2020

Christopher and Eric shine a light on their favorite bright spots in a very dark year, serving up their picks for the most helpful, therapeutic and diverting highlights of 2020, the year of the pandemic. The result is a sumptuous buffet of entertainmen...

Ep.  56 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Homicide For The Holidays: Santa Claus Is Coming To Kill”
December 20, 2020

It wouldn't be the holidays if Christopher and Eric weren't talking about the hideous antics of a psychopath who destroys everything he touches. And that's the perfect description of TDPS special correspondent Jordan Ampersand,

Ep. 55 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time featuring “King Cobra”
December 13, 2020

Christopher and Eric have served up true crime TV specials galore. Now it's time to unleash their sharp and silver tongues on a bigger screen in this new series devoted to breaking down feature films inspired by real life true crime dramas.

Ep. 54 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Death By Gossip: Her Last Christmas”
December 06, 2020

There's very little diva Wendy Williams can't pull off, but how good is she at narrating a true crime series? Christopher and Eric are determined to find out as they serve up Episode 3 of Season 1 of DEATH BY GOSSIP, entitled "Her Last Christmas",

Ep. 53 – Best Thanksgiving Ever???
November 29, 2020

Assuming it wasn't this one, Christopher and Eric asked you, the Party People, to share your recollections of the best Thanksgiving ever, and the result was a rousing discussion that gives us hope we can weather the strangest of all holiday seasons tog...

Ep. 52 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, A Thanksgiving Double Stuffed Special featuring “Homicide for the Holidays: A Deadly Thanksgiving” & “Murder Comes To Town: Who Killed Thanksgiving?”
November 22, 2020

Thanksgiving is the bloodiest time of the year. And not just for turkeys. In their first ever double stuffed, special edition of Christopher & Eric's True Crime TV Club, your hosts bring you not one, but two true crime specials in one.