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Ep. 47 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “The Case That Hunts Me: The Evil Fantasy – Parts 1 and 2”
October 18, 2020

Christopher and Eric return to one of their favorite true crime television series, the exquisitely produced and absolutely riveting THE CASE THAT HAUNTS ME, serving up Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 3, entitled "The Evil Fantasy, Parts 1 and 2". Like us,

Ep. 46 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Rewind”
October 11, 2020

  - In one of the more moving and riveting installments of Christopher & Eric's True Crime TV Club to date, your hosts serve up the powerful documentary film REWIND, an exploration of  the sexual abuse that infected a family for generations and an ind...

Ep. 45 – What’s Science? Vol. 4 featuring “What On Earth? – Island Of Alien Ooze & Who Built Supervillain Island?”
October 04, 2020

When satellites go high, TV producers go low. That's the basic flight path for WHAT ON EARTH? the latest victim…er, subject of Christopher and Eric's special series, "What's Science?" Eric takes to the skies of Episode 3, Season 8,

Ep. 44 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “A Crime To Remember: Candyland”
September 27, 2020

Join Christopher and Eric on this trip back through the years to a simpler time when married male business owners chose to live with their much younger, handsome male employees in cramped apartments just because they wanted to save on rent. (Yeah,

Ep. 43 – What’s Science? Vol. 3 featuring “Forbidden Mysteries – Ancient Knowledge & Lost Worlds: Anomalies on The Moon & The Nephilim Watchers, Will They Return To Earth?”
September 20, 2020

In this new edition of WHAT'S SCIENCE?, Eric takes a conspiracy-driven trip to the moon that never quite sticks the lunar landing. Or anything else, for that matter. Meanwhile, Christopher tries to keep track of the hundreds of names that have been giv...

Ep. 42 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Young, Hot & Crooked: Killer Looks”
September 13, 2020

A twenty-minute TV show with a fifteen minute opening theme song! One male strip club re-enactment played over and over and over and over (and over) again! An "adult film superstar" Christopher and Eric have never heard of!

Ep. 41 – Not Afraid Of The Dark
September 06, 2020

HBO's documentary series I'LL BE GONE IN THE DARK paints a powerful portrait of the obsessions that inspired and consumed Michelle McNamara. Her work was pivotal to identifying The Golden State Killer. But in the end,

Ep. 40 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “American Nightmare: Paradise Lost”
August 30, 2020

A terrible storm. A gorgeous couple poised to begin an exciting new life. Enough real crime scene video to give you the creeps. And then some more crime scene video on top of that. In their dark salute to hurricane season,

Ep. 39 – What’s Science? Vol. 2 featuring “Forbidden History: The Mystery of the Giants and Bloodlust: Real Vampires”
August 23, 2020

Christopher and Eric put down their magnifying glasses and pick up their Botox needles so they can get rid of all the furrows in their brows they developed after sitting through these alleged trips into the paranormal. Eric breaks down Season 2,

Ep.  38 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “The 1980’s, The Deadliest Decade: Friday the 13th”
August 16, 2020

Christopher’s third and latest offering in his Burning Girl book series unfolds in Texas. To celebrate the release of BLOOD VICTORY, Christopher and Eric revisit the sordid mysteries of a small Texas town that's fairly free of chainsaws,