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Ep. 109 – Dinner with Anne Pt. 1, Premiere Party Person
January 09, 2022

"I am the only woman I know of who's ever been played by Brad Pitt on screen." – Anne Rice Still reeling from the loss of Anne Rice, our beloved Premiere Party Person, Christopher and Eric return to

Ep. 108 – 2021 True Crime Countdown
January 01, 2022

A former college basketball star turned recovering addict, or a man who claims Bigfoot might be capable of multiple murders? America's first terrorist airplane bombing, or a savage New York homicide s

Ep. 107  – God Help The Holidays
December 25, 2021

While it's technically not a tale of true crime, Christopher and Eric think some of the ancient origins of our most popular holiday traditions sound pretty criminal. Or so say the experts featured on

Ep. 106 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?”
December 19, 2021

She was a poster girl for innocence before she became a tragic headline. In Hollywood, few untimely deaths have left behind more pain and unanswered questions than the sudden loss of Brittany Murphy.

Ep. 105 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Special Edition Delivers “Curse Of The Chippendales”
December 12, 2021

Loins and triceps and murder, oh my! Christopher and Eric bust into the famous Ladies Only club to serve up the super-sized documentary series CURSE OF THE CHIPPENDALES from Discovery Plus. Join us on

Ep. 104 Hard Candy Christmas
December 05, 2021

Supply chain issues are on everyone's lips and minds this holiday season, so Christopher and Eric turned to you, our Party People, to find out how you were coping with a holiday gift buying season in

Ep. 103 Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time featuring “Selena” (Selena, a True Crime Pairing Pt. 2)
November 28, 2021

When the grieving family of slain Latin pop star Selena Quintanilla discovered there were several films in development about their loved one's life and tragic murder, they pushed past their grief to a

Ep. 102 Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “The Crime That Changed Us: Selena” (Selena, a True Crime Pairing Pt. 1)
November 21, 2021

A wildly talented singer and performer and one of the most important figures in the history of Latin American pop culture, Selena Quintanilla's shocking murder outside of a Texas motel was a defining

Ep. 101 Introducing C. Travis Rice
November 14, 2021

Isn't it romantic? Christopher and Eric talk love and romance as they announce the birth of Christopher's new pen name, C. Travis Rice, devoted to tales of romance between men. SAPPHIRE SUNSET, the fi

Ep. 100 – We’re All In This Together!
November 07, 2021

Don't worry. It's not a clip show. But Christopher and Eric are still pinching themselves that this is their 100th episode of the podcast, and so they're celebrating with a lively conversation with yo