Scene Of the Crime

Scene Of the Crime

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Wildman of the Wynoochee
June 03, 2020

History is told through the eyes of the victors. The legends of the Wild West are no different. Like the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, who some say got a raw deal. The Pacific Northwest had its own legendary lawbreaker. John Tornow,

The Date
May 27, 2020

Spring in Seattle. It’s a little soggy and the wind still kicks up a bit. But, the ever present drizzle is mere background music for many Seattleites because April means the Mariners come out of hibernation.

Death on a Deadline
May 19, 2020

His family called him Lennie, after the large, lumbering character from the Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men. A simple-minded man who is usually unaware of how his actions affect everyone around him. It’s easy to see how that moniker fell onto Donald ...

May 13, 2020

To Kill a Prosecutor, Part 2
May 06, 2020

The murder of Thomas Crane Wales rocked the Seattle area. He was one of the good guys, a federal prosecutor who was known to be fair, but firm. Wales was gunned down in his Seattle home on a chilly October night in 2001.

To Kill a Prosecutor, Part 1
April 29, 2020

Two bulls locking horns in a bitter court battle waged between a beloved federal prosecutor, Thomas Crane Wales, and a defendant known only as “The Pilot.” Some say a bitter grudge was the motive for the shots fired in the dead of night that left Wales...

The Mad Doctor of South Hill
April 23, 2020

The Mad Doctor of South Hill. That’s what they called him. And, it fit like a glove. The story of Rudolph Hahn is like an old black and white Film Noir from Orson Welles, a slow burn that reminds you none of us are getting out of this thing called life...

Deepish Thoughts: Rabbit Holes
April 22, 2020

Rabbit Holes. We all go down them. Especially in this time of pandemic. In this Deepish Thoughts, we talk about why we do this to ourselves and the impact it can have on our lives. We also have a preview of our next episode,

The Disappearance of Susan Powell, Part 2
April 15, 2020

Susan Powell’s journals reveal a young woman who yearned to be a wife and mother. And Susan was an amazing mother to Charlie and Braden. Oh, how she tried to be a good wife to Josh Powell. But, her husband didn’t make that easy. Not by a long shot.

The Disappearance of Susan Powell
April 08, 2020

Murder, religion, domestic violence, money, pornography, depravity, manipulation. The Susan Powell case is the worst of the worst. How did it all go so wrong? If you asked those close to Susan, all she ever really wanted was to be a wife and mother.