Scene Of the Crime

Scene Of the Crime

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Deepish Thoughts: Justice for Charlie and Braden
August 06, 2020

A record setting jury award is announced for the family of Susan Cox Powell in the deaths of her sons, Charlie and Braden. You can find more information about Charlie’s Dinosaur here.

Pang Warehouse Fire
August 06, 2020

He was known to have a way with the ladies. When he was young, Martin Pang was known as a wanna be playboy. He knew how to wine and dine his paramours (on his parents dime). But there was a dark side to his certain brand of charisma.

The Barefoot Bandit: Colton Harris Moore
July 30, 2020

From a dilapidated mobile home on rural Camano Island to the warm island breezes of the Bahamas, the legend of the Barefoot Bandit’s international crime spree has inspired books, movies and countless ballads. A poor kid from a broken home,

The Wallowing
July 22, 2020

Everybody knows everybody. It’s a saying they throw around a lot in Raymond, Washington. An eclectic Pacific Northwest town known for its logging, oyster farms and the salty air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean.

The Eyes of Evil
July 16, 2020

Getting paid to travel. It was a dream job for an ambitious young woman like Kate Jewell, becoming a flight attendant for American Airlines. The planes that looked like massive silver bullets with a red stripe down the side took passengers all over the...

Ted Bundy: Buried Secrets
July 09, 2020

She was a blondie with hazel eyes. Ann Marie Burr at 8 years old was lively and good-natured. Her smile was legendary. She was big sister to Julie, who was 7, Greg, 5, and 3 year old Mary. The large Catholic family called the North End of Tacoma home.

Starvation Heights
July 01, 2020

The tiny fishing village of Olalla, Washington was home to only a few dozen families when Dr. Linda Hazzard came to town. It was the dawn of the 20th century. The big city doctor was building her own private hospital and a circle of little cottages whe...

Evil Intent
June 24, 2020

So many twists and turns led Idaho investigators to an unassuming home where a search warrant was served on a cold morning in January 2020. But what are police looking for? Clues to the whereabouts of two children missing since September.

Dark Side of the Mountain
June 17, 2020

John Benson was a family man.  The truck driver from Tacoma was a father of five.  And, every once in a while, he liked to get away. He liked to go hunting. In October of 2000, John was braving the frigid and unpredictable weather just outside Mount Ra...

The Enterprise
June 10, 2020

Pierce County is the second-largest county in Washington State. Its largest city, Tacoma, is about 33 miles South of Seattle. The largest public employer in Pierce County is the military at Joint Base Lewis McChord.