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Scene Of the Crime

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Arcanum: Entrenched
July 19, 2021

We chose the word “Arcanum” as the title of this series because it has multiple meanings.  In episode one, we defined Arcanum as a secret; information possessed only be a select inner circle. The goal of this podcast is to widen that circle. And to tell t

Arcanum: Eleventh Hour
July 12, 2021

Eleventh Hour

Arcanum: Reckoning
July 05, 2021


Arcanum: Strata
June 28, 2021


Arcanum: The Mysterious Death of Autumn Stone
June 28, 2021

Arcanum: The Mysterious Death of Autumn Stone

A Conversation with Jon Chrymes
June 01, 2021

Scene of the Crime’s Kim Shepard and Carolyn Ossorio are working with True Crime documentary filmmaker and host of the podcast Alibi-ish Jon Chrymes to bring awareness to the unsolved murder of Karen Bodine. As it turns out, they discovered they’re also

A Conversation with Todd Matthews
May 16, 2021

He could be considered the world's very first cyber sleuth.In 1998, Todd Matthews first heard the story of the unidentified victim known as "Tent Girl." He became obsessed with the case and ended up becoming instrumental in not only identifyin

MMIW: A Conversation with WA State Patrol
May 10, 2021

In our last episode, Silent No More, we focused on the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Through our conversations with tribal members and law enforcement, we learned about some of the historical events that have created a wall of distrust b

A Conversation with Emily Washines
April 29, 2021

We've been sharing new stories from the Scene of the Crime for more than a year now and we're starting an ambitious new project, a full-season deep dive into one of the most interesting cases we've covered so far: The mysterious death of Autum

MMIW: Silent No More
April 23, 2021

Earth Feather Sovereign was just 14 years old, and she was an itty bitty thing. Standing just over five feet tall, she barely hit a hundred pounds on the scale. Still, when she walked into the party that night, she stuck out her chin and let them know she