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162. Francis Drake and the West Coast: mystery, hoaxes & lies
July 08, 2024

How did a simmering lead-up to war between England and Spain, a 16th-century government coverup, fake news about piracy, a likely hoax by a college professor, dismissal of indigenous culture, early Am

161. Was Patricia Wing’s murder ever solved?
June 25, 2024

When Everett Savage staggered out of the woods of Fairfield, Maine, on a June day in 1958, the Augusta businessman had been missing for two days and had quite a story to tell. But it took a while for

160. What made Stephen Marshall kill?
June 10, 2024

In the early morning hours of Easter in 2006, Joseph Gray was shot through the window of his living room in Milo, Maine. Several hours later, William Elliott was shot when he answered the door of his

159. Lori Jane Kearsey mystery partially solved after 41 years
May 14, 2024

Many members of Lori Jane Kearseys family didnt consider her lost, even though they hadnt heard from her since November 1983. But the 21-year-old left behind a daughter when she joined the witness

158. Kenneth Eugene Smith: Troublesome justice
May 02, 2024

Theres no doubt that Kenneth Eugene Smith, along with another man, killed Elizabeth Sennett in Alabama in 1988, a murder paid for by her husband, Charles Sennett. But the long road to Smiths executi

157. Who is really the a-hole?
April 02, 2024

We explore the age-old question, Am I the asshole? with situations curated by Rebecca from the sub-Reddit world. Maureen also does an NNW on the Max docuseries Onision In Real Life. Enjoy!

156. Charles Terry, Shirley Coolen, and the Boston Strangler
March 25, 2024

Charles Terry wasnt a good guy, especially when it came to women. He liked to beat, rape and strangle them. He was convicted for several attacks and just out of prison in 1951 when Shirley Coolen, a

155. ‘Justified’ injustice II: Katherine Hegarty, murdered by cops
March 04, 2024

In our third episode looking at the justified killings of Maine citizens by the states law enforcement agencies, we go back to one that spurred a lot of changes over the past decade, but also spo

154. ‘Justified’ injustice: Ambroshia Fagre and Kadhar Bailey
February 05, 2024

Ambroshia Fagre was just 18 and likely an innocent bystander when she was killed by police in Maine in February 2017, along with Kadhar Bailey, 25, who police suspected of an armed home invasion. The

153. A double tragedy for the McKenna family
January 22, 2024

One of Maines 2022 homicides was Drew McKenna, 24, accidentally shot by his older brother Shay. In 2023, the McKenna family suffered a second tragedy when the lost Shay, who was shot by police. We al