Research Before Choosing a Podcasting Consultant

Vet consultants carefullyPodcasts offer an exclusive form of media that can cater to virtually any interest – all while allowing for the freedom to multitask during consumption. However, producing a successful podcast has many intricacies operating behind the scenes. If you’re just starting your podcast or looking to grow your audience, you may be inclined to look into employing a podcasting consultant. That’s all well and good as long as you do your research. Lots of research! 

A podcast consultant should be a seasoned professional specializing in the podcast domain. They can offer assistance regarding the following:

Through the years, the demand for podcast consultants has seen an upward trend as the industry steadily matures, and podcasters may have become less technically inclined.

Unfortunately, that makes it easy for just about anyone who knows even the slightest bit about podcasting – such as only one of the several facets of podcasting – to declare themselves a consultant, make promises, and charge money. 

Lately, the Blubrry team has seen so much bad advice in response to podcast queries on social media that it is jaw-dropping. That’s why we are taking steps to help, in part with a new Facebook group,  Podcasting Unfiltered

Podcast digital collaboration“As I head to my 20th anniversary of podcasting, I am inclined this year to help you in a way that I have not in the past,” Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane explained. “I have started a group called Podcasting Unfiltered, with a primary focus on unfiltered advice and frank discussions that you will not hear from consultants. If you would like to be part of the group and meet with me and fellow podcasters regularly, feel free to join.”

Keep in mind that prospective members who are consultants will be vetted thoroughly before being allowed to join. This group will cut through the B.S. and focus on one topic in podcasting each week – and will not be a venue for self-promotion or making sales.  

What to Look for in a  Podcast Consultant 

  • They should be able to manage all facets of your podcast and recommend podcasting platforms that are growth-oriented.
  • Added value is when they have their successful podcast that is actively maintained; along with a portfolio of shows you can find, hear and sample yourself.
  • They have an extensive understanding of the industry, a knack for amplifying voices and stories, and an uncanny ability to foresee trends. 
  • They don’t just offer advice but also employ strategic methods to optimize your podcast, bringing it to its potential zenith. 
  • Are affordable – podcast consulting rates can be a significant investment, given the specialized skill set involved. However, the returns regarding audience growth and revenue generation are monumental, making it an investment worth considering for some podcasters.

The quest to find the best podcast consultant often commences with a simple online search – “podcast consultant near me” or “best podcast consultant near me.” Bear in mind that geographic proximity doesn’t precisely delineate the talent pool, thanks to our borderless digital world. 

Do You Need a Podcast Consultant?

At Blubrry, we offer many premium services geared toward novice podcasters, experienced brands, and everyone in between to find the help they need. From providing top-tier hosting services to offering comprehensive statistics reports to our free online Podcast Manual, we deliver reliable, user-friendly solutions.

Blubrry also has a Pro Production team that was thoroughly vetted, works independently, and carries our branding. They walk the walk and produce exceptional work employing all of the best practices in podcasting. 

One new feature the team is particularly proud of is the Concierge Onboarding – why spend thousands on your podcast setup when you can employ our support team for a one-time $250 podcast onboarding fee? All you need to do is let them know what you want, then take over when your show is complete. 

Quality advice goes a long way, especially in an industry where innovative strategies are paramount to staying relevant and ahead. Consider Blubrry your dedicated podcast haven – we offer more than just commoditized podcasting services; we offer customized guidance, expert strategies, and a proven track record that speaks volumes about our expertise in the podcast consulting realm.

From inception planning to managing all aspects of marketing and growth, a reliable consultant can dramatically improve your podcast. However, choosing an expert with the credentials you need is vital – some might be masters of industry trends, while others may excel in technical details. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and focus areas.