Blubrry’s Podcast Predictions for 2024 – PCI 378

Are the Podcast ‘Experts’ Actually On Track?

Some members of the Blubrry team provided insight into what they believe will happen in the podcasting space in 2024. Todd, Mike and MacKenzie share their own thoughts and hopes (and some unfortunate expectations as well) in today’s episode of Podcast Insider, giving listeners a thorough assessment of the current podcasting landscape.

Happy New Year, we’re happy you’re here.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and MacKenzie Bennett

Blubrry’s Podcast Predictions for 2024


  • Video will continue to advance
  • AI is going to change everything
  • Real voices will be more important than ever


  • Without getting too political, 2024 is a major election year in the US; I imagine we’ll see an increase in political commentary shows. Perhaps continued shows or even new shows based on ongoing relations in the Middle East and Ukraine, Congo, Sudan, etc.
  • AI releases from numerous platforms and major increase in usage among creators
  • Continued accessibility improvements
  • Apple Podcasts – creator program for non subscription based shows


  • Soundcloud will shut down (Same every year and they keep going)
  • YouTube will fail at “podcasting,” and Google will announce something else by the end of the year.
  • AI will become a bigger deal in podcasting this year.
  • I think more and more podcast apps/platforms will adopt some of the Podcasting 2.0 features.
  • Joe Rogan will renew his contract with Spotify (unfortunately)
  • I will have as my New Year’s Resolution to be less opinionated about “podcasting’. Podcasting has always had no rules! I just have to remember, even if I don’t think someone is doing it the correct way, it’s not my place to correct them. I will offer my advice, but leave it at that 😀


The space is going to continue its evolution with Blubrry at the forefront with expanded features, such as the implementation of AI. Since the podcaster’s voice is considered more trustworthy than traditional media reporting, I think that there will be a natural progression toward higher levels of accuracy and individual accountability.

In other words, the truth is out there and through podcasting people will be able to find and believe it.


With YouTube officially entering the space as a destination, I think more creators will feel the need to make video content, whether that means live streaming episodes for VOD or doing a static image.

Because of this, more tools are going to be developed to make this easier for podcasters who have no experience with After Effects or Premiere Pro. I think AI will touch on this, too.


I think that letting your listeners know that your voice is real and your personality is real versus AI will be more important in 2024. The personal connection to your listeners remains a paramount objective in podcasting.

Don’t hold us too accountable come next year; technology and society is always changing.

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