Podcast Websites: The Blubrry Way – PCI 353

Do you have your own podcast website? You should.

On today’s Podcast Insider, we review why podcasters should have a website of their own and just how easy that can be utilizing Blubrry tools and services, as well as other platforms. Your online presence is essential to growing a podcast and creating a loyal audience.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

Why You Should Have a Podcast Website

  • SEO
  • Homebase for your show that your listeners can access — so if you disappear from a platform they’ll know where to find you.
  • Pride of ownership
  • You control your brand and IP

What is the Blubrry Way?

The Blubrry way is a thing we came up with a while back to explain the method of total ownership of your brand, show and website. Basically it’s the way we do this show. The way Todd and Mike handle their shows.

  1. Never build your business on rented land
    1. Get your own domain
    2. Host a ​​WordPress website that you control 100% 
  2. Generate your RSS feed from a domain you own
    1. With WordPress and PowerPress,  YOUR domain is the origination point, not a syndication point. (Rather than your host’s domain.)
  3. Choose where you want to syndicate your show and submit it to those places 
    1. Being everywhere only requires an RSS feed (in most cases).
    2. Listeners will pick the best way for them to listen. Don’t try to force them to one place or another. 
    3. Don’t care where they listen as long as they do!
  4. You do what you are good at (content) and use technology that is safe from being taken down. (PowerPress, WordPress, DNS, Podcast Index and more) 
    1. The Blubrry team is here to help you along the way, but in the end, it’s all yours. If Blubrry goes away (highly unlikely, but still) PowerPress is designed to work with or without us. 
    2. Once it’s all set up, it couldn’t be easier. 
      1. Create a show file
      2. Create a blog post on your site
      3. Upload the media
      4. Publish the post
      5. Rinse and repeat
  5. And most importantly, don’t get bogged down by the minutiae! A complex workflow can deter you from podcasting. Our primary goal at Blubrry is to help you continue telling your story via podcasting, so keep it simple and keep it flowing!

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