Private and Premium Podcasting – PCI 344

Private and Premium Podcasting Use Cases

Private Internal Podcasting IconKeeping a podcast limited to a certain group of listeners gained popularity in recent years, especially due to a major switch to remote working. Blubrry offers a wonderful option for those interested in keeping a podcast secure and private, set to an audience of your discretion. Today, we go over when it’s best to use private or premium.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell

We review the use cases for private and premium podcasting and when is the best time to utilize these publishing options. Read here to learn more about Blubrry’s private and premium podcasting.

Should You Do It

Private podcasting offers a highly secure method for communicating with your team members effectively.

Use cases: 

  • Proprietary business information for companies and organizations
  • Employee communication (instead of memos) 
  • Membership information for an organization or club
  • Training videos and other information for onboarding employees or members


  • More secure
  • Dedicated app for listening/viewing content
  • Dedicated page (PWA) for listening/viewing content
  • More control over who listens


  • Higher cost
  • The inability to subscribe in “normal” podcast apps

Premium podcasting caters to those seeking to monetize their shows by offering exclusive content for purchase by the public, or providing clubs and group members with special access to unique material.

Use cases: 

  • To monetize a show that is popular without the need for advertising
  • You can offer ad free versions of your show to subscribers
  • You can have early access for subscribers
  • Publish bonus content for your free podcast if people subscribe


  • Less costly than private
  • Ability to subscribe in podcast apps
  • Can be done on your own domain 
  • More control of the look and feel


  • Less secure
  • Harder to manage (in most cases)
  • Requires another plugin (membership plugin) to implement on WordPress

Both are great solutions to navigating online relationships with listeners, necessary in a remote world.

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