Should I Start or Join a Podcast Network?

The Ins and Outs of Podcast Networks


A podcast network is a collection of podcasts, associated to one another via production, distribution and/or monetarily. Chances are, you listen to a podcast involved in a podcast network. Today, we discuss the pros and cons of joining or starting a podcast network of your own.

Today’s Hosts: MacKenzie Bennett and Mike Dell

We review the pros and cons associated to participating in a podcast network.

Joining a podcast network


  • Access to a built-in audience: joining a podcast network can give you access to a wider audience, as the network may already have an established listener base.
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities: networks can negotiate advertising and sponsorship deals with brands that would be difficult to secure as an individual podcaster.
  • Professional support: some networks offer professional support, such as sound engineering and editing services, which can improve the overall quality of your podcast.
  • Cross-promotion: being part of a network means that your podcast can be cross-promoted on other shows within the network, increasing visibility and potential listenership.


  • Limited creative control: joining a podcast network often means adhering to the network’s branding and editorial guidelines, which can limit creative freedom.
  • Sharing revenue: networks often take a cut of revenue generated from sponsorships and advertising.
  • Less independence: being part of a network means being part of a larger organization, which may come with obligations and responsibilities outside of podcasting.

Starting a podcast network


  • Increased revenue potential: by starting a network, you can generate revenue from multiple podcasts, rather than just one.
  • Creative control: as the founder of the network, you have complete creative control over the branding and editorial guidelines of the network.
  • Ability to curate content: as the network grows, you can curate the content to create a cohesive brand and target audience.
  • Collaborative opportunities: by building a network, you can collaborate with other podcasters and build relationships within the industry.


  • High startup costs: starting a network requires a significant investment in equipment, software, and personnel.
  • Administrative work: as the founder of the network, you will be responsible for administrative tasks such as accounting, legal work, and marketing.
  • No established audience: starting a network from scratch means building an audience from the ground up, which can take time and effort.
  • Risk of failure: as with any opporunity, there is a risk that the network may not succeed.

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