Podcast Statistics: What to Pay Attention To – PCI 340

What do my podcast stats mean?

Blubrry StatsPodcast statistics can be a fun part of creating and growing your podcast. Collecting an overwhelming amount of data, we’ve prepared Blubrry’s podcast statistics in a way that podcasters can understand in the the podcaster dashboard. Today, we discuss podcast analytics overall and what creators should pay attention to.

Today’s Hosts: Mike Dell and Todd Cochrane

First and foremost, podcast statistics are not the same as web stats.

  • Podcast statistics are different than web stats, which you’ll get from Google Analytics or a similar service
    • They measure different things
    • Web stats will count every time something hits an mp3 file as a “hit” whereas podcast stats are able to tell that it is 1 download even though the hits may be 20 or 30 on the file
    • Web stats are GREAT for pages and visitors but not so much for large media files
  • How many subscribers (followers) do I have?
    • It’s a very hard stat to figure out
    • More important stat is downloads (listens) per episode
    • There are ways to ‘Guess’
      • Todd’s Way
      • Mike’s Way
    • Blubrry now has Estimated Audience in our stats reporting
  • Hosting company stats
    • All hosting companies have basic stats
    • Some are better than others
    • Blubrry was the first podcast hosting provider to be IAB certification compliant
  • 3rd party prefix stats
    • Podtrac, Chartable and Blubrry! (and others) 
    • Prefix stats are not available for use on some platforms (hosts) 
    • Not a terrible idea to have a 2nd opinion to compare to your hosts stats 
      • Just know they will not be exactly the same ever
  • How do I use metrics to grow my show or improve my show?
    • Knowing what works and what doesn’t 
    • Measuring growth so you can see if you are going the right direction.
    • Insights on where and when people listen
    • On Blubrry stats, the retention graph might tell you that a segment causes people to stop listening
  • Don’t obsess about your stats!
    • This one is probably the most important thing to know

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