2022 Podcasting Insights From the Pros – PCI 323

Mini christmas tree, standing desk, laptop and headphonesAs the year comes to a close, the end-of-year 2022 podcast articles can be found in abundance, many of which Todd and Mike discuss in today’s episode of Podcast Insider. Along with insights from the year, we focus on if you should take a break with your podcast and promotion opportunities during the holidays. Audio and microphone enthusiasts, stick around for the question of the week.

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2022 Podcast Insights

Best Practice

Tis the season for giveaways. If you’re feeling extra giving this holiday season, consider gifting your loyal listeners and fans with a merchandise gift, or in-person or virtual experience, a special shout-out on the show. The ideas are endless, but the thought and kindness to your listeners is what counts. Also, this works great for bringing together hosts in podcast networks with large, overlapping audiences.

Blubrry News

  • Blog Post: What to Consider When Choosing a Length for Your Podcast by Jen Thorpe. This article is a nice companion read to the PR Pros from our news segment.
  • We’re beginning to compile a 2022 Blubrry and industry recap article – let us know if there is a specific data point you’d like to find out
  • Wrapping up a handful of projects before the end of the year, they were mentioned in the latest newsletter and be sure to look for our upcoming newsletter before Christmas

Blubrry Pro Tip

Taking a podcast break during the holidays?

Question of the Week

Question: From Facebook: Hello! I always record audio only for my show, but another show invited me as a guest host, and they also record video. I have a webcam attached to my windows 11 PC and my mic running through an Audient interface. Does anyone know if this will allow for the camera to capture video and the microphone to capture the audio during the episode recording? In the past, my attempt with this setup always found the mic on the webcam taking precedence over my interface. I appreciate any and all suggestions or advice in advance.

Answer:  Depending on what they use for communications to record (ie. Skype, Zoom or whatever) you can set the audio to your Audient interface and the video to your webcam.  That is what we do here.  I set my camera to my webcam and audio to the Rodecaster (my interface) in the Skype settings. Zoom and the others have the same settings.

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