New Places to Listen to Podcasts – PCI 310

HeadphonesThere are a few new places to listen to podcasts, and you’re probably already familiar with these platforms. YouTube and Twitter have taken another step forward in podcast discovery. While Mike and MacKenzie chat about podcast directories and platforms, they catch up on Podcast Movement a bit, reusing and repurposing content and, of course, offering their take on what to do with a problematic microphone situation.

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                   New places to listen to podcasts:
                   – YouTube is rolling out a podcast section.
                   – Podcasts coming to Twitter? A full circle moment for Twitter.

Best Practice

Taking care of your voice. If podcasting or any type of audio is part of your regular content, it’s in your best interest to take care of your voice / health.

Blubrry News

  • Getting back into the groove after Podcast Movement.
  • Todd will be at DragonCon this weekend in Atlanta, GA. 
  • It’s Sept. 1, the first day of International Podcast Day month. They’re coming back this year for a live stream, only 8 hours instead of their longest, 32 hours.

Blubrry Pro Tip

Repeating ideas for new content

Question of the Week

Question: My recording is getting a lot of background noise. How do I reduce the background noise coming into my microphone?

Answer: The main thing is to NOT record any background noise. I know, that sounds too simple.

Simple things you can do that will help:

  • Make sure you are in the quietest place you can be. 
    • Turn off fans, A/C and other noise-producing things in your recording area.
    • Soundproof behind you.
    • Put a rug on the floor if you are in a room without carpet.
    • Close curtains / blinds so the noise doesn’t echo off the windows.
  • Get closer to the microphone and turn down the gain.
    • You can boost it in post-production with something like auphonic.
    • If you have a dynamic mic, use that instead of a condenser mic.
  • Remember, a little bit of ‘ambiance’ doesn’t hurt sometimes. AND, sometimes, you just can’t help it.

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