Focusing In On Your Podcast Audience – PCI 302

KidNuzPutting the focus on your podcast audience is key in podcast growth. This can mean doing a variety of things to hone in on, such as visualizing your audience, joining a podcast network, or create a media kit for advertisements that really match your listeners. Luckily, we’ve released a new feature for the Blubrry community, podcast media kits. Join Todd and our new marketing team member, Chau, as they chat about our new tool, podcast ad frequency and more.

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Best Practice

  • Preparing for advertising and what you will be expected to provide to a potential advertiser
    • Average Episode Downloads over a 30 day period
    • How many Episodes per month
    • How long you have been podcasting
    • Is your content brand safe

Blubrry News

  • Blubrry Media Kits have been released, including podcast audience data
  • Programmatic Advertising is currently in beta testing

Blubrry Pro Tip

More on ‘Should I Join a Podcast Network’


Tori Nelson, Ro Schwarz, and Jennifer Anderson from KidNuz

KidNuz is the widely popular, daily podcast created by 4 veteran TV journalists determined to give kids a newscast of their own. It’s 6 1/2 minutes long, chock full of the day’s top stories, all told in a kid-friendly, fun, fresh and nonpartisan way. KidNuz covers current events, sports, science, politics, health — and stories about kids doing cool things! The team is on a summer hiatus but will be back at the mic with fresh episodes on August 1st. In the meantime, listen in for how KidNuz got started and the impact it’s having on listeners big and small.

Mission: To engage kids in current events, encourage critical thinking, and spark meaningful conversations.

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