New Podcast Equipment – PCI 297

Podcast equipmentFilling in for Todd today, MacKenzie talks with Mike about some new podcast equipment being released in the near future. They also discuss some stats on how and what people are listening to that might make you think. Make sure to stick around for Mike’s recap of Podfest this past weekend.

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Best Practice

Are you up to date on your software?

  • Double-check your software before recording. Does it need to be updated? Should you wait on the update because it has some weird glitch and they’ll put out a small fix soon?

Blubrry News

  • Podfest/Vidfest Expo review – Mike and Todd were in attendance and both had sessions
  • We are looking to expand our development team – looking for a Junior Software Developer 
  • We’ll be releasing programmatic advertising in the near future, stay tuned for more info.

Blubrry Pro Tip

Using your podcast to answer FAQ’s 

Question of the Week: I’m trying to help a colleague connect a mixer (Mackie 1402VLZ4) to a new Macbook pro. Unfortunately, Apple has removed a mic input on more recent Macbooks. Any ideas for a good solution that won’t introduce noise into the sound chain?

Answer: Yes. Get yourself a USB sound card or interface. Make sure it has a line-in jack (not just a mic jack) because the output of an analog mixer is going to be line-level. Line-level is way too high for the mic input.

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