The Value of Podcasting – PCI 296

Man pointingExplaining to your boss or company why your business should have a podcast isn’t always an easy conversation, but it can be done well! Follow a few simple steps to convince the decision maker on your team the value of podcasting. Dave and MacKenzie guest host this episode as Todd and Mike are both out, attending Podfest.

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  • Blubrry is somewhat unique in its approach to podcasting, since we have multiple options for publishing. To make your life easier, be sure your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard is set to show if you’re using PowerPress or Publisher. Do this by clicking the gear icon in the Podcast Landing Page card and selecting the appropriate option – “I don’t need a website,” “I would like a WordPress site from Blubrry,” or “I have a website.” This ensures that we’re displaying the correct settings when it comes to episode creation.

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What Tone Do You Podcast In?

Question of the Week

Question: How do you get your idiot, know-it-all, boss to understand the value of podcasting?

Answer: Data. First and foremost, there is data that confirms how many people listen to podcasts. Edison Research and Nielsen are great for this. And then harp on the ways in which you’ll be able to reach customers. And lastly, come in with content ideas and some logistics. Also important, costs! Shop around for pricing for every thing you’ll need — sometimes including asking other team members if they’ll be able to add this to their plate or an outside freelance hire, etc. They’ll come to understand the value of podcasting if you give them reason to.


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