A Time to Celebrate Our True Love

Headphones in the shape of a heartLove is in the air, and it’s finally the time of year to celebrate our one true love – podcasting! Whether it’s a hobby, full-time job or somewhere in between, the feeling of putting a podcast out in the world on a frequent basis can feel sweeter than those year-old boxed heart candies. To get in the spirit of love and squishy happy feelings, as part of the Blubrry Content Team, I went out in the field to ask a few podcasters and members of the Blubrry family what they love about podcasting and being a podcaster. They answered, straight from the heart. Here are their answers:

What Do You Love About Podcasting and Being a Podcaster?

  • Jon Small, Write About Now: “I love how podcasting allows you to have the most interesting, in-depth conversations with (often) complete strangers. It’s like going on an amazing blind date over and over again.”
  • Scott Tejerian, The Weekly Transit: “I love podcasting because I love sharing knowledge of how the planets and stars affect life on Earth.”
  • Melissa Clark, Grandma For President: “I love that they stimulate kids’ imaginations.”
  • Brittany Everett, Movie Cinema Film Club: “Podcasting gives me the excuse and motivation to keep diving deep into the things I’m the most nerdy about.”
  • Elle Fishwick, Stuff I Can’t Tell My Parents: “My favorite thing about podcasting is getting to talk in a safe place about things I can’t tell my parents.”
  • Kara Ware, Good Medicine On the Go: “I love taking a complex topic, spending months sifting through all of the information, and then writing a six-to-seven episode season. We write our seasons like mini-courses that simplify the complexity and provide a practical application curriculum for our audience, Functional Medicine providers. I love the challenge to be clear and concise so it’s easy for the listener to follow along.
  • Mandy Moore, Internal Affairs: “I love that it keeps me curious. Each episode I research an essential marketing/business/personal topic I just want to learn more about; it gives me the perfect excuse to explore my interests.”
  • Dave Clements, Playing Games with Strangers: “Podcasting has been one of the best creative outlets for me. With a low barrier to entry, I’ve been able to share my opinions on pop culture, make new friends, and become a storyteller over the last decade. One second. I have to go start another podcast…”

If you are looking for the love of your life (aka a good podcast or to host your podcast with a service you will fall in love with) stay tuned on all things Blubrry! A happy Valentine’s Day from Blubrry, we appreciate you all.