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Laptop loading gmailHave you worked on something new for your podcast lately? We know that email can seem drab, but it can be vital for reaching your audience in a way that they actually use or respond to. In this episode we share why running an email list for your podcast is important as a creator. And mention a newsletter for podcasters to keep them informed they can subscribe to. Before we get to that, we discuss issues with Anchor, a Spotify trademark case and more.

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Use SEO to your advantage

Those looking to expand their audience can focus on SEO tactics so that people are able to find your show more organically with a simple search. We recommend at least 300 words for your show notes, but more is definitely better. Learn here.

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Why running an email list is important. 

Question(s) of the Week

Question: On my statistics report, I can see downloads but not the number of subscribers. Where can I find the number of subscribers to my podcast?

Answer: Companies cannot claim to tell you the number of subscribers with any accuracy. The problem is that an app might hit your RSS feed 24 times a day (once an hour) and someone else might have their app set to hit your feed every 4 hours and some others might hit it every 10 minutes. There is no way to really know, BUT there are a couple of ways to garner a safe estimate.  

  1. Look at an episode that is 30 days or so old. Click on the file name in our system, then click on “distribution” and look at the mobile app and podcatcher numbers. Add them together and that will get you close to ‘subscribers’.
  2. Look at the bump in the day-to-day trending graph on days you publish.  People that download/play it on the same day or the next day are more than likely subscribers.

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