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Landis has been a Blubrry podcaster since 2018 and in that time has released 278 episodes. Not only that, he’s planned out a weekly release schedule for 2022. It’s safe to say, he is a dedicated and committed podcaster. He’s enjoyed numerous features of ours over the years, particularly website integration for his show. We hope you enjoy learning a bit about his life, his podcast, Charlotte Readers Podcast and his joy for creating.

Thank you Landis for joining us this month and kicking off 2022’s podcaster of the month.

Tell Us About Yourself

Having litigated commercial and employment cases in Charlotte, North Carolina for 35 years until December 31, 2018, I refer to myself as a recovering trial lawyer. A few years before I began my recovery, while still practicing law, I wrote three novellas–The Christmas Courtroom Trilogy–a humorous collection about what happens in court when lawyers defend clients who think they work for Santa Claus.

Dipping my toe into the writing world led to the creation of Charlotte Readers Podcast: Where Authors Give Voice to Their Written Words. I realized that one of the best ways to learn about writing other than reading books and doing actual writing was talking to other authors about their books and their writing practices. Three years of podcasting led me to complete my first full length novel coming out April 5th entitled, Deadly Declarations, a historical mystery about the controversial first American Declaration of Independence of 1775.

When I’m not podcasting and writing, I visit with family, play a little golf, and fly-fish in the North Carolina mountains.

What Inspired You to Start Your Own Podcast?

After 35 years as a trial lawyer, I needed to clear my head of rules of procedure and rules of evidence and make room for more creative adventures in my 60s.

Did you hear the one about the lawyer who walked into a podcast studio? True, it sounds like a bad dad joke, but I wasn’t kidding when I told my law partners I was doing just that when I retired from the practice of law and started podcasting, something I knew nothing about. 

The day after I retired, I hit the ground running, and while I don’t call podcasting “work,” the schedule I keep is every bit as demanding as my law practice. It’s just a lot more fun.

My dad asked, “How do you make money at that?” I said “I don’t, Dad. It’s just something I want to do to be creative in my Act 3.” He was mystified.

 How Do You Prepare For an Episode?

I use an online submission form on the podcast website that allows authors to provide their author bio, book description, book reviews, social media and website addresses, author photo, book cover image, and their acknowledgment to my guest agreement. I ask them to mail the book to me.

After reading the book, I then prepare show notes and graphics and create a short outline with topics I’d like to discuss. I provide the author guest with the link for the interview and details about the technical requirements for recording. The fun part is the interview, where I ask my guests to relax for a pre recorded session where we discuss their book and their writing life and have them read an excerpt.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone Starting Out?

On the technical side, start small, visit the internet for how-to tips and ask questions of fellow podcasters. Most podcasters with experience remember what it was like when they started out and are willing to offer their advice about the mistakes they made and what they learned along the way.

On the side that matters most–the thing that ignites your passion and curiosity to keep you talking–be sure you pick a topic you want to learn more about. If you think you know it all, it will be a short run podcast.

Finally, the podcast doesn’t need to be perfect. Don’t worry about the number of downloads, and be grateful for your guests and those who choose to listen. Oh, and try to develop some patience because things will go wrong and lessons will be learned, like the time I forgot to hit record.

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