National Blueberry Day! – PCI 251

Happy National Blueberry Day! Here at Blubrry Podcasting, we love to shed light on any ‘holidays’ related to our beloved fruit. Often times if people have trouble pronouncing or spelling our name, we tell them it’s like the fruit, but without the ee’s is all. Anyways, we have lots of podcasting news and topics, including a new segment on the show – pro tips from our Pro-Production team. Catch Toby and Shawn’s interview this episode.

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Best Practice

How to find a co-host

  • Someone you already know
  • Another podcaster that is in the same niche
  • Professional colleague.

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  • It’s National Blubrry Blueberry day!
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Blubrry Pro Tips:

Why Your Recording Environment is Critical by Toby


Shawn Thorpe – Support team

Question(s) of the Week 

Question: I want to do simple editing of my podcast recordings.  Nothing too deep, but I want to be able to clip the ends, add in the intro and do the basic stuff. What do you suggest for editing audio?

Answer: There are a couple of good ‘free’ ways to edit audio.  If you are on a Mac, Garage Band is good enough for simple edits. Audacity is good but a little hard to learn. We use Adobe Audition, which is a subscription software, and our Blubrry Pro team also uses Audition; Shawn uses Reaper. There are others at various costs and learning curves.


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This week a bit of a soap box. There is more to podcasting than ad revenue? There seems to be a push for more ad tech, more ways to track and attribute you across apps and a push for more ads. What is this doing to the indie podcaster that isn’t in this for the money? They are in it for fun, the craft, the community and just as a hobby.


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