Apple is Making Podcast Changes – PCI 240

Apple store signageEvery year the tech industry awaits Apple events, one of which was this week. And let’s just say that Apple is making significant podcast changes for its app and more, and has already gotten started. This week loads of podcasts in their directory are facing issues, whether it’s missing episodes or the show is gone entirely. On top of that, Apple will be releasing podcast subscriptions in their next app update.

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Apple Podcast Changes

Best Practice:

When hiring a web designer, BE CAREFUL!

  • If you are on WordPress using PowerPress, don’t let someone move you to another web platform (Squarespace, Wix or others) without talking to us for help BEFORE the move.
  • Page builder apps (Divi and others) are great for web pages, but not great for podcast posts in WordPress. They tend to mess up the RSS feed for show notes and in one case, does not allow the mp3 files to get into the RSS feed. Use the stock WordPress editor (Classic or Block editor).
  • Google search is the #1 way people discover episode posts. For SEO it’s better to use WordPress posts (and PowerPress) to publish episodes.

Blubrry News:

Question(s) of the Week 

Question: What are your recommendations for storing episodes on your own, for example archiving your podcast? External hard drives, cloud storage?

Answer, from Mike: The old adage, ‘If it doesn’t exist in 3 places digitally, it doesn’t exist’, applies here. In my case I keep a copy of all my files on a server drive at my house, another copy on a removable hard drive stored off site (I switch out the backup drives once a month) and of course, Blubrry has a copy of each episode on my hosting plan. I didn’t always do this and have completely lost the first 30 episodes of one of my shows.

There are cloud based services that can back things up for you. Like Amazon Glacier, Backblaze or Carbonite. Those can be a good choice as well. 

You should back up your final mp3 files somehow, because you never know when something might happen where you need to re-upload a file. It’s good to have the original files where you can get at them quickly.


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