What Is In A Podcast Name? – PCI 230

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What is in a podcast name? And why can they be so challenging to choose sometimes. One of the most basic and first things you must do when creating your podcast, is choosing a name for your show. We’ve got some recommendations on how to handle the situation and make it easier on yourself.

And, we’ve got a great topic for our Question of the Week, how to get over the ‘just starting’ hump.

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Best Practice:

What’s in a podcast name? How to choose a title for your podcast.

  • Think of something that describes what your show is about or at least doesn’t make people think it’s about something completely unrelated.
  • Google the name you are thinking of, make sure it’s not already being used. This can save you a big headache and even potentially a trademark lawsuit.
  • Make sure it doesn’t have another meaning that you don’t want associated with your show.
  • Make it easy to spell and say out loud. Mike had a friend that used the name ‘Procrasticast’ for a while, but he had to change it.
  • Do not keyword stuff your titles. For example, the TV show MASH was just called Mash, not “MASH – A comedy about doctors in the Korean War with Alan Alda”.
  • Make it easy for people to find your show and talk about your show.

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Question(s) of the Week:

Question: Faith via Facebook – What’s some advice can you give me? I hate the sound of my voice but want to start my podcast. I’m nervous.

Answer: It’s not really a tech question, but we will tackle it here.  First off, NOBODY likes the sound of their own voice at first (or maybe never). Nobody hears you like you hear yourself so what you sound like recorded, sounds weird to you – but only you.  Everyone else hears what you really sound like, which I’m guessing is not bad at all. You sound how you sound. Don’t worry about it, and most people get used to it. Just start!

On the next Podcast Help Desk episode: Taking a break from podcasting, some of the ways to do it and not lose your listeners.


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