Podcast Equipment Recommendations

Tap trusted resources to find the best podcasting equipment

EarbudsSure, whatever podcasting equipment you buy will be “outdated” in two or three years. And so what? That top-of-the-line microphone might still work well for years to come, even though there will be a new “must-have top-of-the-line” microphone on the market soon after you open that box. So how can you make the best decisions for the long haul about what podcasting equipment you should buy? Although you might be surprised to hear the answer, you’ve probably heard the same answer to your other podcasting questions.

The answer is: Ask people you trust. If you listen to a podcaster and you like the way they sound, ask what equipment they use. They will happily share their set up, sometimes even with pictures. If you are thinking about the best podcast hosting company to choose (we hope you choose Blubrry or at least incorporate the PowerPress Plugin), ask people you trust. And when you have questions about accessories or mobile options, ask people you trust. Relying on what works for other people is a great way to learn and benefit from at least one trustworthy success story.

When you know what you plan to buy, what is the best way to go about purchasing what you want? At risk of sounding redundant, ask people you trust. Email, message or text people who recently purchased equipment, they might even have coupon codes that can help you out.

Maybe post what you are looking for on social media — we podcasters are generous with our knowledge — and maybe one of your online friends has something they are wanting to sell. You can also search the secondary market (think eBay). Just make sure to research the seller’s past ratings and sales history to ensure they’re someone you can trust before you buy. You can save a lot of money buying your equipment this way when you do your due diligence.

Lastly, where should you turn if you have issues with your new equipment or services? You guessed it, ask people you trust. Your fellow podcasters might have solved the problem you are having, and their advice can save you loads of time.

Not sure who to trust? Maybe our readers on here can post their favorite podcasting equipment suggestions in the comments below. Feel free to prompt them to do so! And, on Facebook, be sure to connect with a generous group of podcasters at the Blubrry Podcasting Group. It is a great group. You can trust us!