Blubrry’s Full Support of Podcast Index

A note from our CEO, Todd Cochrane, on Podcast Index

Podcast IndexPodcasting has always been an open medium; it’s one of the biggest advantages of producing a show. That means we need to take precautions to protect the content creators and the authenticity of the process. While there is currently no danger of the podcasting space being taken over by ‘gatekeepers,’ we have seen some movement concerning the acquisition of podcast hosting companies and the signing of podcast talent that limits access and puts content behind user logins.

For many years Apple Podcasting and the Blubrry Podcast directory have been the two main global repositories, maintaining a master list of podcasts. The addition of the Podcast Index initiative changes — and supports — that master list.

The Podcast Index has a simple goal: “Preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech by enabling developers to have access to an open, categorized index that will always be available for free, for any use.”

Additionally, a group of podcasters and developers are working to expand and improve the metadata we’re able to publish within Podcast RSS feeds, commonly referred to as namespace tags. While I do not want to be overly technical, some of the improvements include, “Where does the official transcript of my podcast reside?”

The ability to ‘lock’ a show is, for example, the same way you would lock a domain name from being transferred to another registrar. This will allow podcasters to be assured that our platform supports the lock tag and that their show cannot be moved to other hosting platforms until the feed is unlocked. This will not prevent media distribution, but it will stop shows from being outright stolen.

As these specifications are solidified at Podcast Index we will be implementing a number of the tags to support the index in keeping podcasting space evolving. This will help move the space forward for our customers and the community at large.

All the while, we’ll be keeping RSS open, not breaking current standards and making sure that we can better serve Blubrry customers with new features and options. We will keep you posted on implementation of a number of the Podcast Index namespace improvements.

Blubrry Podcasting is also donating to the Podcast Index initiative to help support the infrastructure needed to keep podcasting open.

Todd Cochrane
Founder/CEO Blubrry Podcasting