Podcast Platforms – PCI 210

There are a variety of podcast platforms available for shows to be found on and podcasters to submit to, but not all are created equal. They are all have certain features and quirks, Todd and Mike get into some pros and cons of the major directories currently available and relevant.

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Best Practice:

What podcast apps do you want your podcast listed in? 

You can choose what apps you want your podcast to be distributed to. You don’t need to be listed in all the major players. Why would you NOT want to be in a particular app? 

  1. Most of your potential listeners do not use that app, for example, a linux podcast may not need to be in Apple Podcasts although it doesn’t hurt anything. Or a podcast specifically about Apple Products, likely wouldn’t do well on Google Podcasts.
  2. The directory/app does things you don’t agree with, for example, they put ads in or around your episodes.
  3. The app does not attribute the show to you and makes it seem like they own your show.
  4. Terms of service, for example, some apps say you can’t say something bad about their company. Or you can’t talk about xx topic.
  5. You get an exclusive deal with an app/company to be only on their platform.

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    • Session 2: 5pm PDT – Todd and Mike will have Adam Curry on to talk about Podcast history and Podcasting 2.0 (podcastindex.org).
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  • You can have an account at Blubrry without any services. Services are subscriptions.
    • Account: Your login email/password at Blubrry.com.
    • Show listing: A listing for a podcast within your account.
    • Subscription: Either Free Stats, Pro Stats or Hosting plans.
  • More tags for Blubrry Publisher users.
    • Subtitle (not used anywhere but populates the <itunes:subtitle> tag.
    • The main text box populates the <content:encoded> tag (which has live links and formatting).
    • In the Advanced Apple Podcasts Options, there is now a “RSS Description” box.  That populates the <description> tag for the episode. (Formatting gets stripped out in Apple podcasts).
    • This is useful to totally control what is shown in Apple Podcasts.
  • When contacting tech support,  please do not just send a ticket that says “call me”.  Please give us some information about what the issue is. That way we know who would be the best person to call you, or if it can be handled by email or some other way.

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