Taking a Day Off From Your Podcast – PCI 208

A release schedule can be critical for a podcast, but so are breaks every once in a while. We promise, taking time off won’t kill your podcast overnight. There are a few strategies and best practices for taking some time off, whether it be unexpected or the foreseeable future. Mike and Todd discuss podcast days off among event details, webinar info and more.

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Best Practice:

Take a day off from your podcast, it’s ok… maybe?

Blubrry News:

  • Mike is doing a live PowerPress webinar next Tuesday at 4pm EDT.
  • International Podcast Day is Sept. 30th. We super excited about our two sessions, Powerful Women in Podcasting and Podcasting History and Podcast 2.0 with Adam Curry.


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Q: “I’m getting an SSL mixed content warning from the browser. My site is HTTPS. What’s wrong?”

A: There is likely a photo on your site that is linked with http instead of https. If that photo (or other linked file) is on your site, change the link to https and you should be OK.  If it’s offsite, see if the file works with https from the other source (sometimes it will).  If that doesn’t work, down the file and re-upload it to your site and change the link.  Also, use a plugin like Really Simple SSL to force https on all links that it will work on. 

  • If you are hosting and publishing on blubrry.com directly,  make sure you put YOUR email address in the Podcast Settings in the blubrry.com dashboard.  That way YOU will get the email from Apple and others instead of us.
  • A trick we use in support for looking at RSS feeds.

    • Install the Firefox browser (you don’t have to use it for anything other than looking at feeds if you don’t like the browser).
    • Install the Add-on called RSSPreview  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/rsspreview/ (Very important that you get the one with no space in the name of it. There is another one called RSS <SPACE> Preview that is not the one I’m talking about).
    • Then, when you load your feed in Firefox you get a nice view of it.
    • You will see the title of your show, the description, the image and the posts listed.
    • A cool tool for looking up a show https://castfeedvalidator.com/FindCast.php
    • When you publish an episode, load your feed in Firefox and double check that it is there, and plays (You can click on the enclosure to open the media in the browser).

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