Podcasting Ratings and Reviews, featuring David Mendes – PCI 205

Asking your audience to leave a podcast rating or review is not uncommon, but the benefits are not always what podcasters are meant to believe. Mike and Todd explain why this is the case in Apple, and discuss some new virtual podcast events.

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Thanks to David Mendes for joining Todd to tell his story about his podcast, Papa PHD.

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Best Practice:

Best Practice –  Ratings and Reviews

  • You will hear a lot of podcasters say something like “Give us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and other platforms. This will help us be found by others.”  or something to that effect. This is not exactly true. Apple (in particular) does not use Ratings and Reviews to rank podcasts or help in the search.  It’s really good for social proof but that is all it is (at this point).
  • Don’t let negative reviews get to you (you could always have some fun and read them on your show).
  • And sometimes more importantly, don’t let the positive ones go to your head. Take them for what they are.

Bonus Topic:

  • We’ve heard yet another example of YouTube demonetizing long-standing YouTubers that used to be making significant income. We say it here all the time, if you OWN your platform, you can not be taken out by rule changes or arbitrary reasons. This person had no warnings. When they looked on YouTube they do not know why they were taken out. They just had zero income and a note that says they can re-apply to be monetized in 30 days, no reason given.

  • And to that end, we highly encourage you to build your own platform on your own domain, while utilizing other platforms as well.

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