The Blubrry Way and Guest Kevin Pannell – PCI – 197

Podcasting the Blubrry way – what does this really mean?

We strive to make our service as easy as possible for all podcasters, without losing the power that podcasting really has and that we want podcasters to have control over. This truly is a medium that you’re able to have branding, marketing, and most importantly your own voice with, and in our own Blubrry way we set you up for success. Mike and Todd go on to discuss the positive ways we make this possible for all podcasters.

This episode they also talk about some newcomers to podcasting and an update to Spotify for podcast ads and sponsors. And speaking of directories and apps, Scripps might be looking to sell Stitcher, less than five years after their acquisition.

Thanks for Kevin Pannell for joining us this episode to discuss his podcast, People Process Progress.

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Recorded live from two well-separated and socially distant podcast studios in northern and southern Michigan, here’s a Podcast Insider show LIVE.

This week on Podcast Insider…


  • CBC is using an old radio show as a new podcast.
  • Is Scripps looking to sell Stitcher?
  • iHeart is utilizing radio to promote their podcasts.
  • Let’s welcome CourtTV to podcasting. Their first show is Murder and the Menendez Brothers: A Court TV Mystery

Best Practices:

Back to Basics. Own your show, completely!

  • Purchase your own domain name
  • You should have a home base for your podcast, preferably not owned by someone else
  • A home base means better SEO!
  • YOUR branding for YOUR show

Blubrry News:


  • Kevin Pannell – People Process Progress


  • Replying to old tickets and emails: Don’t do this. If you have a new issue the support team needs to look at and assist with, send us a new ticket.
  • Play your published episode: It’s a breeze publishing an episode, but after it’s been done hit play just to make sure it actually does work properly. On the off chance it doesn’t work, you’d rather find that out yourself than a listener, right?
  • Linking your Blubrry account to PowerPress:

    • You are logging into your account FROM your WordPress account
    • Saved passwords will not work (in most cases the password manager thinks you are logging into your WordPress site instead)
    • This obviously only applies to those using Blubrry stats (free or paid) or hosting.
  • Spotify… How it really works (at Blubrry)

    • Spotify requires you to be hosting at Blubrry to submit via our dashboard. Not just have a hosting account, but the files have to be hosted at
    • Your files should be in mp3 format. M4A will not work at Spotify directly. We have to transcode.
    • We utilize Passthrough, so your stats for Spotify will be collected in with your main Blubrry stats.
    • If you are moving to Blubrry from another host that submitted your show to Spotify, you have to have them remove your show from Spotify before you can submit it via Blubrry.
  • Show Titles: Remember, the simpler the better. Keyword stuffing not only looks bad, but can potentially get you removed from directories.

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Coming at you this week from two very separate podcast studios in Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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