Say Goodbye to Google Play Music Podcasts – PCI – 191

Todd and Mike caught up on Google Podcasts Manager, and reviewed how people will be able to transfer their information from Google Plays Music Podcasts to the new Manager. Youtube Music comes into play in this transfer.

Luminary is burning cash quickly, about 4 million a month and recently had to secure more money to continue. They secured almost 200 million for the future.

It’s a privilege to be able to present to podcasters on our expertise, and Todd was a keynote speaker at Outlier, and we’ve included a recording in our episode today. His presentation, 16 Years of Podcasting and Strategies to Succeed Today is a wonderful combination of showcasing some history and how it continue podcasting now, in 2020.

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Best Practice: 

Own your show…  All aspects of it or it could be taken from you.

  • If you have a co-host, make sure you have an agreement in place on who owns the show.
  • Make sure YOU personally retain logins and passwords to all accounts associated with the podcast.

Blubrry News:

  • Our new summer development interns started this week. While a bit of a challenge with people working from home and social and physical distancing, we’ve made it work. Matt and Matthew both attend Ohio State University and Faith returns (she’s been with us twice before) and attends the University of Cincinnati.
  • Todd gave his presentation at Outlier earlier today, 16 Years of Podcast and Strategies to Succeed Today. The event is still ongoing, and you can watch here.


  • Todd’s Outlier presentation, 16 Years of Podcasting and Strategies to Succeed Today
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