Seize the Day!

Work from homeIf you are a podcaster and your life has been affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, you should set your alarm to go off at the top of every hour. This is a reminder to get up and stretch the ol’ legs and also quote former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. After that leg stretch, recite to yourself, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

As a podcaster, you have access to resources that allow you to ramp up your podcasting efforts at a time when other people are looking for more content to consume. This is a unique opportunity for you to help the world with your podcast. Seize the day!

Here is a quick list of resources you should consider exploiting in the coming weeks and months.

  1. There is current technology that allows for quality remote recording and editing. If you are isolated away from your usual recording equipment, you are in luck. There are apps native to your phone, web-based recording software, and so many cloud-based pre and post-production services that you can continue to create the content that only you can, regardless of location.

    Here are some examples of software and services (free and paid) that allow for remote recording and editing:

    1. (Service)
    2. Zencastr (Service)
    3. Voice Memo (App)
    4. Samsung Voice Recorder (App)
    5. iRecord (App)
    6. Auphonic (App and Service)
    7. Alitu (App and Service)
    8. Hindenburg Field Recorder and Hindenburg Journalist (App and Service)
  2. There is current technology that allows you to easily repurpose your existing content. Do not view your previously released episodes as just a ‘back catalog’. With minimal effort on your part a brand new audience could find audiograms, Gacha Life videos, and be enamored by watch parties that are all based on your old recordings.

    Here are some examples of software and services (free and paid) that allow for repurposing your content:

    1. AudioBurst (Service)
    2. iMovie (App)
    3. Windows Movie Maker (App)
    4. Headliner (App)
    5. VirtualDub
    6. Gacha Life (App and Service)
    7. TunesToTube (Service)
  3. Your current social isolation may now allow for more time to create content. Consider being podcast-productive with any extra time you have during work and travel restrictions. For example, if you commuted 20 minutes a day to the office and you now get to work from home, you now have almost an extra 45 minutes that you can dedicate to content creation. And if you are now working from home, your schedule may be more flexible which could allow for recording, remote interviews, or editing during your coffee breaks or the lunch hour.

The COVID-19 crisis, while unfortunate, offers a unique opportunity for you to impact even more people with your podcast at a time when you have the resources to increase your podcast production. With that in mind, consider doubling your podcast episodes for the foreseeable future for twice the impact. In the current situation, you are able, as Mayor Emanuel said, to do things you thought you could not do before.

NOTE: The above listing of resources is not an exhaustive list of all available products and services in the field. Their inclusion is intended to drive your own personal Google search. This is to demonstrate that there is no affiliate relationship with these companies and that their inclusion does not serve as an official endorsement of their products or services. You should explore all the options available and use what is best for you.

You may also find podcasts on other valuable resources such as strengthening time management skills and community building practices beneficial during this time. You can find podcasts like this by searching the Blubrry podcast directory. And lastly, if you are interested in outsourcing most of your podcast tasks, consider Blubrry Pro services. Seize the day!