Tech Support: Know Your Dashboard: WordPress Hosting

Know Your Dashboard: WordPress Hosting

Know Your Dashboard is an ongoing series of in-depth looks at the features of your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.

The WordPress Hosting section of the Blubrry dashboard is available to Blubrry Media Hosting customers only. This part of the dashboard is where you can set up and manage your Blubrry PowerPress Site(s). Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find in this area of the dashboard:

  • Create PowerPress Site: Click the Create Basic PowerPress Site link to get started. On the next screen, enter your site title into the Website Title field (you can change the title later, if needed). A default admin-level WordPress username will be created for you in the WordPress Admin Username field. You can keep this username or change it to whatever you’d like. Click the Create Basic PowerPress Site button and Blubrry will generate your new PowerPress Site.
  • PowerPress Sites: This box lists all of the PowerPress Sites you’ve created. Clicking a site link will take you to all of the settings for that site:
  • Website: The Visit Website link takes you to the homepage of your PowerPress Site. The Login to website link takes you to the login page of your PowerPress Site.
  • Backup and Restore: Blubrry automatically backs up the files and databases of your PowerPress Sites. These backups are stored for 30 days. Clicking the corresponding links in this section will allow you to access these backups and make new ones.
  • Web Services: This box appears for PowerPress Sites Deluxe users only. Here, you can add a top-level domain to your site, configure DNS, and set up e-mail forwarding.

WordPress Hosting by Blubrry in conjunction with Blubrry Media Hosting is the perfect platform for publishing your podcast. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about these services.