Trevor Bell – The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove – PCI – 179

Kate from Blubrry’s Pro-Production team joined Mike Dell on this episode of Podcast Insider to discuss the new Podcast Academy, smart speakers, show notes and more. The announcement of the Podcast Academy brought many reactions – good and bad. Todd does make an appearance this episode in the interview with Trevor Bell from The Iron First and the Velvet Glove.

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Best Practice:

  • Show notes: They’re more than just a description of what was discussed during the podcast. They’re a powerful tool, and even better Pro-Production offers this as part of their service.

Blubrry Specific:

  • PowerPress 8.2.4 is out! Just a few more bug fixes, should be the last one for a while.
  • Todd is speaking at Spark Christian Podcast Conference in Houston this weekend.
  • The team is also prepping to attend Podfest in Orlando soon; MacKenzie, Todd and Angelo will be there. Nominate your favorite woman podcaster for a winner announcement there.
  • And then we’ll be attending NAB in Vegas this April. More info coming soon.



  • We’ve noticed lots of people moving shows to different websites, rebranding and generally changing things up; as one does the first quarter of the year. Two words of caution: GO SLOW! Know exactly what you are doing before you do it, or ask us! Moving or rebranding a show has to be done in a particular order to maintain the connection with your audience. We’ve done it 3 times here on this show and haven’t lost anyone.  Call us, email us, just get ahold of us before you make any big tech moves. It’s much easier to do it once correctly than fix it after a mess up.
  • Artwork: You have to follow certain specs, or you’re out of luck. Artwork must be 1400x1400px or 3000x3000px, SQUARE, in RBG, jpeg or png and under 500kb (about 1/2 MB in file size). In PowerPress, there are two places that image must be linked. The Artwork tab of PowerPress settings in both the Apple image and the RSS2 Image box. (Should be the same).
  • Shawn’s PowerPress Tip of the Week.

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Coming at you this week from Mike Dell’s World Studio in Traverse City, Michigan and Kate from the Pro-Production team. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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