Tech Support – Know Your Dashboard: Podcast Feed

Know Your Dashboard: Podcast Feed

Know Your Dashboard is an ongoing series of in-depth looks at the features of your Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard.

The Podcast Feed section of the Blubrry dashboard is strictly for Blubrry Media Hosting customers who are also using the Blubrry Publisher tool. Blubrry Media Hosting customers who are publishing their podcast feeds using external publishing tools like the PowerPress plugin or a Blubrry PowerPress Site won’t see the Podcast Feed box once they have their dashboard settings configured correctly. Here’s what you’ll find in this part of the dashboard:

  • View feed in new Window: This link will open your Blubrry Publisher podcast feed in a new browser window. This is useful for seeing what’s currently in your feed. If you need to check your podcast feed with a validator, or if you’re ready to submit your feed to a syndication platform, you can easily copy the feed URL from here.
  • Podcast Settings: Here’s where you’ll enter the settings for your Blubrry Publisher podcast feed. It’s important to fill out all of the fields on this screen to ensure your podcast feed will be valid. This video provides some guidance on how to get all of these settings into place.
  • iTunes Artwork: This section is where you’ll upload the cover art for your show. This art will be seen on all of the different podcast apps/platforms. Some general guidelines for podcast artwork: image size between 1400px and 3000px square; RGB colorspace; file size under 500KB. You can also delete and replace existing artwork through this part of the dashboard.
  • Feed Tools & Settings: This area of the dashboard contains one function:
    • Refresh Feed: Clicking this link can expedite any changes you’ve made to your podcast settings or artwork by signaling the Blubrry server to clear feed caching. There may still be a slight delay after clicking this link before changes will show up in the feed.

That covers everything in the Podcast Feed section of the Blubrry Podcaster Dashboard. Get in touch if you have any questions about getting your podcast feed set up and ready to go.