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No shortage of podcasting news and tips this week on Podcast Insider. Including an interview with Stephane Deschenes from The Naturist Living Show, Mike and Todd discuss multiple podcasting events, the Webby Award show, and mic technique. Not all mics are created equal and it’s important to master the one that you’re using for your podcast.

If you’re looking for some basic podcasting tips and practices, take a look at our blog, for some help.

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Stephane DeschenesThe Naturist Living Show (NSFW)


Best Practices:

  • Say it with us: quiet recordings are better recordings. When you start with a clean recording, the end-product will be better.
    • Keep the recording area as quiet as you can while recording. We know, not always an easy feat.
    • Have some “softer” things on the walls; carpeted rooms are good too.
    • A closet full of clothes hanging up works good for a solo recording. Beware, you might get a tad sweaty.
    • Always test a recording for noise and/or other issues before committing to do a long show. Just because your setup didn’t change doesn’t mean your environment didn’t.
    • Any crackling or buzzing?
    • Record a little on the low side (level wise) and boost it in post. (Auphonic is a good choice) It’s better to have it too low than too high in most cases.
    • Mic technique: be careful about echos off things like monitors walls. Talk into the mic and use a pop filter if you need to (all mics differ and can sound vastly different on different people).

Blubrry News:

  • Podcasting 101: New blog post from the Blubrry team.
  • Todd will also be at Outlier Podcast Festival in LA Tomorrow and Saturday Sept. 13 and 14. Use the promo code “OUTLIER” for a discount on your tickets if you can make it!
  • MAPCON (now Independent Podcast Conference) report.
  • DC Podfest – will you be there? It’s happen Nov 1st – 2nd 2019.


  • Importing Podcast vs. Migrate Media in PowerPress
    • Import means moving the feed (posts) to WordPress via PowerPress.
    • Migrate means copying of files from the old host to’s servers.
    • BOTH steps are needed if you have been using another company’s RSS feed for your show.
    • After the RSS feed and files are moved, a 301 redirect is needed from the OLD feed
    • If the old feed owner will not do a 301(Talkshoe and others) then we have a plan B to get *most* of your subscribers to move with you.
  • Good news, we’re working on enhancing our support pages. AND releasing  how-to video demos on the Blubrry features and system. Do you have something you think we need a video on? Let us know,

Coming at you this week from the New Media Studio in Southern Michigan and Mike Dell’s World Studio in Northern Michigan.

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