Kami Guildner from Extraordinary Women Radio – PI-149

Significant changes coming from Apple this time around. Categories are changing and that includes throwing some out, adding new ones and a bit of consolidating. Podcasters don’t need to worry, Blubrry has it all taken care of on their end. But stick around for suggestions on what to do if a new category would be in your best interest.

More than that, PowerPress was updated again for this category change and some other cool features. They chat about other podcasting news, and have an extraordinary interview with Kami Guildner you don’t want to miss. Thanks for joining us on this episode of Podcast Insider.



Kami Guildner – Extraordinary Women Radio

Podcasting News

  • Apple Podcast Categories changing soon. Apple has disabled categories for now while they make the change. Angelo explains the new categories here.
  • A partner of ours launched on Android Auto and Samsung – Audioburst
  • Calling all Trekkies! The Official Star Trek Podcast (Yeah!)

Best Practices

  • What link should you share on social for your episode? The link to YOUR website!

Blubrry News

  • Blubrry platform (publisher) has been updated for the new Apple Categories
  • PowerPress has been updated recently. New Categories, Multi-account login and Websub. PowerPress version 7.5.1 was released on 7/23/19.
  • At long last, advertising insertion. See the demo here: https://youtu.be/RvOit1UZRzc

Blubrry Support

  • Feed Limit settings: only 10 episodes in the feed.
    • Podcast migration to Blubrry… but from who?
    • Recreating the RSS feed on PowerPress (use import podcast)
    • Migrate the media (also within PowerPress)
    • Once that is done, do the 301 redirect. Try to leave this in place for 30 days if you can.
    • Also, set the “iTunes new feed URL” tag (in PowerPress settings > Apple Tab) to your new PowerPress based RSS feed.
    • Publish from PowerPress/WordPress for any new episodes.
      ** The idea is to move in such a way that NOBODY knows you moved.

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