June Affiliate Contest

Extra $$ For Top Blubrry Affiliates

There’s not a whole lot that motivates folks more than cash, right? So, in addition to your scheduled June payments, we’ve got the opportunity for another reward at the beginning of July. The three affiliates with the most sign-ups in June will receive a bonus payment of $500$250 and $125 respectively.
Are you a winner? We’ll announce publicly and email the winners and send the appropriate payment the first week of July to your PayPal account. This contest is open to any affiliate, regardless of how long you’ve been a Blubrry affiliate or even if you’ve never been paid before.

Promotion Ideas

  • Summer Googling: People search for specific things throughout the year. Such as… starting a summer project aka a podcast. Write a blog post and/or mention this in your social channels.
  • Special Edition Newsletter: Remind people of what you’re promoting every once in a while. If you’re including Blubrry in a regular newsletter, things can get lost or forgotten in the clutter.
  • Follow Up: Often forgotten, but important. If you’ve spoken with a follower and discussed this but know they didn’t get started yet, reach out to them. A little effort goes a long way.
  • Post – Upload – Publish on PowerPress: Don’t forget publishing your podcast with Blubrry and the PowerPress plugin saves you time, and time is money.

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