The Power of RSS – YP38

There is always something happening in the podcasting world and the tail end of summer 2018 has been no different. Apple has been cracking down on stuffing multiple keywords into RSS tags, listen in to learn how to deal with the issue a bit, and that they have fixed the Podcasts Connect issue. Even though Alex Jones is not listed in most podcast directories or apps, his show is still online due to the power of RSS.  Lots of traveling for the team; Mike is back from vacation and Todd is heading out on a road trip.

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According to Apple, they've fixed the issues with Podcast Connect logins with Apple IDs. This is yet another example of the importance of owning your RSS feed.
More on Apple, they're dealing with an issue concerning Title and Author RSS tags. They're currently cracking down on keyword stuffing, and have even been de-listing shows for replacing GUID tags.


The infamous Alex Jones and his content is still online, because he owns his domain and RSS feed. Learn more about the Power of RSS here.
Submitting your podcast to Apple: Why we do not submit shows for customers (Apple, Google, etc).


As a podcast company, putting podcast hosting on hold: Why Blubrry can’t do that.

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