Google Podcasts Adds Landing Pages – YP37

Your Podcast is back in action after Todd and Mike returned from Podcast Movement 2018 in Philadelphia. With much to talk about concerning announcements at the conference, they dive right in to some topics of discussion concerning Google, events, team members and a new giveaway. Google's new landing pages for podcasts are a new addition for non Android devices and browsers, they explain why this is important. Not to leave other events out in the dust, they talk about OzPod in October happening in Australia. Last but not least, Blubrry has a new team member, Aaron. Don't forget to participate in #PlantYourBlubrry, a month long giveaway of equipment.

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Google adds landing pages for non-android devices and browsers.
OzPod on October 17th in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Welcome Aaron McQuade to the Blubrry/Rawvoice Team!
#PlantYourPodcast prize giveaway.


Podcast Movement recap: Todd and Mike give you their personal opinions on how the event went this year.


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