Two Free Podcast Hosting Services Shut Down – Your Podcast 017

Podiant and Opinion, two free podcast hosting companies shut down recently. Should you do a transcript of your show? There are many positives and negatives of written transcripts is for your podcast. Advertising in podcasting is rising and becoming more relevant for all types of podcasters. Podcasters should be aware and begin preparing for advertising ahead of time. Lastly, there is no way to know how many people are subscribed to your show. All of this is discussed on today’s episode of Your Podcast with Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell.

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  • Who are my subscribers? Why nobody can tell you that other than your listeners.
  • Having a podcast PAGE on your site and why that is just extra work. Use the blog roll instead. Blogging and podcasting are very, very similar. Your blog posts should be with your podcast posts (assuming they are on a similar topic.)
  • Upgrading and downgrading podcast hosting every month; Blubrry has many customers doing this. The only way to do this where it’s not costing you more is to upgrade 2 days prior to the next payment date.

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